Rescue Journal

not good

Carol  ·  Mar. 28, 2008

it is 24 hours post-stroke for lexie. the rapid eye movements have not stopped. she has a profound right sided head tilt. her left ear is stuck, straight up in the air, and i don't think she can walk but i don't know for sure because i am afraid to find out so i am not encouraging her to get out of bed.

have i said how fast life can just change? you can be up and happy to see me come home for dinner and then poof, mere minutes later, your brain blows up and it is over.

do you even know that you finally got me, that today is different than a month ago when we were still waiting for you to have the chance to love someone even more than me?

i am sorry lex that you had to spend your entire life waiting for humans just to see what a truly great dog was right before them, standing there, waiting to give them the gift that you just had to give.

i will take her to the vets today before i go to work, maybe they will say we can wait a bit longer for her to recover. i will wait if they say it is ok.



Lexie was never looking for someone to love, Carol. You are her family, she's been your Velcro dog since the very beginning. Get well, Lex, beautiful girl, your mama really needs you.


Everyone who met Lexie at Saints could see what a great loyal dog she was. I don't think she did feel like she was waiting Carol. To Lexie - you were "home".