Rescue Journal

so it WAS a busy morning

Carol  ·  Mar. 29, 2008

i got the hay unloaded and didn't lose percy out the gate so that was a good thing. the dogs were hysterical cuz they weren't allowed out there and when they did convince someone to let them out enmass, they still hit a closed gate. chaos ensued, hysteria mounted and dog fight occured. that was a bad thing. i came flying back thru the gate right at them, the smart ones headed straight back to the house and even the not so smart ones got the hell out of my way. i think that was a good thing, they think that was a bad thing but since i run the joint, my kind of thinking wins and when i am mad, dogs better move their butts cuz dog fights piss me off big time. cleo has a sore ear and since she was the instigator, ask me if i care. anyway, i did clean it up for her but only cuz i was morally obligated.

albert and taffy went off into the wider blue yonder with their new very great family. andy and anita are going to have so much fun with those two and i know the dogs are going to have a blast too.

new incoming.... 2 new old, sick barn cats are arriving tomorrow (one is a 15 yr old cardiac cat and the other is a 12 yr old chronic URI, a barn is not a great home for either one of them, good thing the new owner wants them gone.)..... and a new 14 yr old retriever cross is arriving in a couple of weeks, her deceased owners grandson came for a tour of the place today, he is returning oversees in a month. both the cats and the dog are coming in due to unfortunate circumstances beyond their control but all of them are lucky that they did have good and responsible humans out there stepping up for them and helping them find safety. all animals should be so lucky.

it is quiet at work today, i wonder what the little buggers at home are up to right now?



What with the permanent fosters - are they up for adoption? I just say Tuddles (Tug) and I want him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that was tom, he has passed away, he was a great little dog...we also had pepper and lady jane earlier this year too. if you really want one, i am pretty sure i can pretend that phoebe is a daxi cross...her legs are just a bit longer is all....use your imagination.


Who's the little weiner dog in the May photo's? i've been looking for one of those for ages!!! I think one more would make a happy family...



he does way more than that!...he sleeps in my bed, he rolls around and lets me blow rasberries on his belly, he lies on my hip, or shoulder, or lap when i watch tv, he gives GREAT kisses, he runs around and plays, he licks the other dogs and cats, he lets me pick him up and carry him around and he smooches right back as we walk along...he is a sweet, funny and friendly little guy...he just only likes a couple of human friends so far and he keeps his true happy go lucky self well hidden from everyone else. nicole is just choked that he barks at her all the time.


it is ok andy, not all guys can do the dress up the dog (or the pink shirt)thing...i am sure albert(o) appreciates your concern.
that is exciting news for taffy, she is a very lucky girl to have found you and anita! let me know how she does.
squirt....he is great in the house with me and now rene...still quite a freak out with everyone else tho. BUT..he probably would soon be great with you and anita and taffy and albert(o) (he really loved those two)...the only real issue is i still have not gotten him on leash outside, i wouldn't trust him out of the yard, even on leash not to freak out and slip a collar and bolt. i let him run around the fenced front yard in the evening with the other guys and he comes right back in with them. but outside the fence, even on leash? he is not safely stable enough or ready for that yet.
if you can think of a fool proof plan to safely manage this one thing, let me know..cuz i know he would be very happy with you guys.


oh my goodness, you and anita are amazing.
you must sent photos of taffy in the brace. or a video would be even better!
ps, you don't want squirt - all he does is runs out of the room, barks and then runs back in. Carol will tell you he does more than that, but i'm pretty sure she's lying!



I just cant do it to my boy, Taffy we buy clothes for, Albert (he likes to be called "Alberto" now) I just can't do it!!

Hey, great news regarding Taffy, we've been working with a Orthopedic specialist and we are currently fitting her for a custom made brace which will hopefully have her walking almost normally. The special brace will provide support to her right leg, straighten out her back and give her the mobility she's been lacking. She gets around pretty good right now but after some x-rays, its obvious she's experiencing back pain and stifle (knee) pain the way she hobbles around.

Fingers crossed, we'll have this little girl upright and walking in no time!

We'll keep you posted, I think this will be a huge day for Taffy and although it will be expensive for us, it will be SOOOO WORTH IT!

PS - it seems like Squirt is doing well, can I have him PLEASE!!!


lol, yes they do! can't you find him a jean jacket or a canucks t-shirt?...he'd look good in a black leather vest!
come on andy, embrace the whole poodle poofing thing!


I'm so glad albert and taffy got a great home. Every dog should be pampered and loved.


you are more than welcome from all of us, they are both incredible dogs....what's albert wearing these days andy?



Albert and Taffy have settled in and I cant believe how incredibly happy and well behaved these two little dogs are.

To the people who gave these dogs up... SUCKERS!!!!

We had a great weekend, we took them to the local off leash dog park, Albert terrorized the large dogs while Taffy stood by and watched her pal.

They both received a clean bill of health from Dr Spooner, a bath and of course Anita has already bought Taffy some girlie t-shirts to cover Taffy's bare skin.

We are very happy, thanks to everyone at Saints who took such great care of Albert and Taffy