Rescue Journal

ok so who the hell is running jesse?

Carol  ·  Mar. 30, 2008

i came home for my dinner break and gave her a quick walk and she doesn't want to walk, she wants to run and i don't run...ever (except when some bad dog is in really big trouble), now i have to explain to her that she is free to race all over god's green acres (or the back roads of mission) with whoever started her running (ahem....tammy?) but not with me. sheesh, i could die even attempting that crap.

and speaking of communicating with the saints, we had a visitor today who practices reikki, TTouch and animal communication...what was interesting was when in response to my explaining that she has a weight issue, petunia piped in and said she does not eat too much, she has a problem with her glands. i did not know this but i will ask dr. patrelli what she thinks. the first thing phoebe said to her was "no one ever listens to me" ...ok that might be true but there is a real good reason for that!

animal communication is an interesting thing cuz to varying degrees, we all can do it. alot of the time, i know exactly what they are saying in context with what is happening at any given moment. take jed for example, it was pretty clear that it was not an accidental coincidence that he continually got between my mop and the puddles i was aiming for. he may be blind, but he can tell which direction i am moving in and he is very, very good at intercepting and placing himself right in the way. how much clearer could he say...hello, see me, i want you.

i know when the barn guys want into the barn, they sent their desperate vibes zinging right thru the air. now i am somewhat intuitive AND very good at reading body language AND i know what these guys want on a regular basis cuz they tell me over and over every single day. but telepathic i am not, but i believe others can be. and i do believe that animals are telepathic to a great extent which is why they never really developed a verbal language.

anyway, we had some great visitors today, and alot of really great except for jesse trying to make road kill of me, it was a very good day.



no she didn't but i will ask her to the next time she comes out for sure!



Did the pet psychic check in with the Americats? If so, I would love to know what they had to say.


I think Carol can be trained to stay upright, I see alot of potential in that girl.
As for the hill, Phoebe and Jesse know that we walk up and down the hill, they don't like it but that is the one rule that must be enforced.


Tammy do you honestly believe Carol needs a hill to wipe out... or even roller blades ...LoL.. we've almost lost her over the edge of the manure pile, several times & that was at a slow walk !

Sure missed getting out there yesterday , I could have really used a SAINTS fix !

Eva Stock

Yeh and guess what you guys, Simon can out run all of you., animals included!! He leaves Saints and by the time I drive down the road he is in the back yard eating the bird's sunflower seeds. He looks up as much as to say "what took you so long?" I am amazed! I love the weay Jessie gets so excited and does a little dance every once in awhile as your walking with her, or should I say behind her. As far as phoebe is concerned she almost kills Tammy up that hill and down. I can't watch as I fear a headlong by Tammy. Wow.You certainly don't have to fear that I do anything but walk. Eva Oh yes I am thrilled to hear that Jed's heart rate is so much better. (fantastic)And that Dex is better.


Hey now. I didn't say you had to take them up and down the big hill at the end of your road on the skateboard or blades. Flat surfaces only would be sufficient.


What Phoebe wants, Phoebe should get. It's impossible to look into those eyes and say no.
As for you Carol we can either get you into a pair of running shoes so you can learn to enjoy running with Jesse (and Phoebe) or buy you a skateboard or a pair of roller blades so she can pull you down the road.


first of all, phoebe only says one thing...over and over and over again (and very loudly too)...I WANT....
and secondly, run or trot, whatever...both as high on my list as dancing. not happening.
deb we will walk jed, he can barely get to the end of the driveway and even that is in slow motion. BTW...his heart rate tonight is down from 280 to 120...yay jed!


First off I think we should start listening to what Phoebe has to say.
Second I wouldn't call my outings with Jesse runs, they are more like a comfortable trot. She's a great gal and she loves to get out to stretch her legs.


I confess, it was me! I snuck my short, wide dykely Jewish Princess self by every other SAINT, and all the humans, and took Jesse for a 10K run.

I guess it would help if I at least knew Jesse by sight. It would also help if my blood pressure didn't skyrocket just by *thinking* about running 10K.

See, if I were a proper Jewish Princess, I'd have "people" to do nasty things like running. Leisurely strolling, that's for me. :)