Rescue Journal

helping the turtle gardens dogs

Carol  ·  Mar. 31, 2008

TG (as of tomorrow) will have a supply depot shed on the SAINTS property so if anyone has food or donated items for them, you can drop them here at their shed for the next person who is heading up north to take along with them. hopefully this will help get much needed supplies to make life a bit easier for our northern rescue friends.

stan keeps trying to talk me into moving to Burns Lake, not likely, it is too freaking cold and too freaking hard to get stuff up there! i am not is much warmer and more convenient to rescue in the lower mainland.


Yvette~Turtle Gardens

It isn't THAT cold! Well maybe -15 or so at night but it warms up during the day to +5 today!! But you sure are right about transport. Thank you so very much for letting use a corner of Saints for TG. You are welcome to come up in the summer (we down right hot!!) - relax, enjoy young dogs and go fishing in pristine wilderness!Stan plans on building cabins for our TG friends!


Glad to hear the shed is materializing! At present our van is loaded with donated dog food and we need to get it into storage FAST! Thanks Carol, for the time we spent touring around your incredibly fasinating place...I came away breathless. Hopefully it didn't disturb the animals too much....I had a smelly wet, smelly nose stuck into my mouth during one of my cuddling sessions....hah, I wonder if that could be a spiritual sign!! and a special thanks to Greg for taking time out to answer my unanswerable questions.......


yes carol it is freaking cold up there i was in fraser lake watching my grandkids and saw the sign for topley that is where turtle gardens is? the snow does not go away till spring and besides if i had of gone there i would have brought you back a few more dogs. lol i am a real sucker when it comes to unwanted dogs..all reasoning goes to the wind. besides we like having you down herebut seriously that is a great idea about the shed and i hope it gets filled up.hope the nea cat settles in but they all seem to wh en they realize it is a great place. lynne