Rescue Journal

interesting night

Carol  ·  Apr. 1, 2008

...ok, let's clarify...of interest to me but maybe not all that interesting to the rest of the world.

mrs. p. fell off the dresser, bed and all. (i will need to put a rubber mat for it to stick to better)....anyway..she has not gone under the bed (which is what i keep expecting her to do) she is currently sitting in my window sill in my den, staring at me consideringly. she has never been around dogs before, she should be in hiding but she prefers to stay out in the open and nail them should they come too close. given the choice, most new cats hide, then fight when cornered...a few actively seek and then destroy. but mrs p. just determines her personal perimeter and then waits for someone to be stupid enough to try to penetrate them. very uncharacteristic for a de-clawed, never been around other animals, cat.

squirt had his first sleep over in my bed last night. he quite enjoyed it. he is at that stage now where i have to be really careful to remember that he is actually still a very messed up dog. this is because he is pretty much normal with me now but with others, still freaks out.

for example, he got messed up yesterday because he mistakenly thought everyone had gone for the day. so..... he was busy following me around and trying out new things. yesterday he decided to try the cat/little dog room with me and followed me in. he was right into it til greg walked in the house, and was shortly followed by eva. when i remembered that squirt was far away from the safety of his crate and went looking, he was curled under a shelf and behind a bed. he was petrified into immobility with fear. i made eva stand out of sight in the kitchen while i scooped him up and put over the gate into the safety of his smaller more secure world. he flew to his crate.

he is really doing quite well tho and i am very happy with his progress...being normal for even the latter part of the day is a huge improvement and i can't actually say that i am personally "normal" for even that long so he might actually have me beat!



Sweet little Squirt. In this big scarey world he has found his safe little corner. Hopefully it's just the beginning and as time goes by he'll invite others into his world. Right now he's happy right where he is and that's what counts!! Thank you Carol!