Rescue Journal

out of sorts

Carol  ·  Apr. 2, 2008

tyra is cranky, phoebe is annoyingly whiny, cuddles is needy, maude is into drama queen, spritely's hock is swollen tonight, percy is a toad and pugsy is just plain nutz. she keeps thinking i am in front of her when i am not and then gets all excited and tries climbing the wall instead of my leg. i want mrs.p back in my room so i can put up the child gate to keep the dogs out. she is currently laying behind my tv taking pot shots at all who walk past. the baby redneck is now on iv abx's from her cat bite so i will pass on forcing the issue and actually picking mrs. p up and moving her. i messed up my work schedule and i am back on days which is no big deal except i am discumbobulated now cuz i had my last shifts planned out as afternoons. time readjustment in process.

i am out of sorts, they are out of sorts...all of us should just go to bed now and call it a day.



I think you are a treasure.
I want to sort out a sponsorship but my printer is... feisty and I haven't been able to coerce it to print a form.
I have a huge soft spot for Jed.