Rescue Journal

wesley rockstar ate 2 marshmellows wrapped in seran wrap this morning.

Carol  ·  Apr. 2, 2008

i know this cuz nicole just called me, that dog is such a doornob. if tally could swallow an entire orange rubber glove and pass it out whole and intact...rocky should be able to manage 2 marshmellows and a bit of saran wrap...i think.
3 more afternoon shifts and then almost 2 weeks vacation. i try to combine my vacation days with multiple days off to maximize time off and spread it through out the this year i get vacation in jan/april/june/oct and dec (hah..i took xmas off so this year while i won't get the big stat pay (which is helpful around here), i will not be freaking out because i am working and the rest of the world is very busy!) it is always a balance...cost vs. time, time almost always wins.

time is my most precious commodity (with money as a close second because money can pay for someone else's time when you don't have enough to go around.) i try to imagine a world with BOTH unlimited time and money...good lord can you imagine what you could accomplish then?

ok, back to reality.

mrs. p. allowed myself, one poodle and one pug, to sleep in her bed. it was a bit nerve racking cuz she parked herself by my head. it went ok tho and none of us got hurt.

clyde and squirt were a bit saddend that they were excluded last night, but safety always comes first and less is more than enough some nights.

it is a bit of a poop fest here this morning...some festivals just aren't all that much fun.


Eva Stock

Dear Wesley is so funny and does such unexpected things. Of course he is large enough to reach the counters too. Hope all goes well with that. Nicole. Glad to hear that all went well with Mrs. P Carol. Hope Stan's daughter's arm is ok too. The shed looks like it is almost done too. Bye for now Eva