Rescue Journal

Wishes for Whiskers tickets!!

Nicole  ·  Apr. 2, 2008

Update number 2 for this week

The tickets for the fundraiser are on sale. They are only $20 each and must be purchased in advance.

For the few moments last year that I had time to stop and breathe it was a great and fun-filled event (really).
Not that I think I should have to convince anyone to come, because everyone already wants to come, but it's great way to support SAINTS and have a fun-night out. And yes, it's in Burnaby, which for some may be a wee bit of a drive, but think of it this way - atleast you don't have to drive as far as Carol. Also it's a few minutes walk from the Metrotown skytrain station. And is near (about 5-7 minutes) both the Kensington and Willingdon exits off Hwy #1.

Last year's fundraiser sold out so please don't leave it to the last minute.

You can purchase tickets a few ways.
- At SAINTS from Carol (she won't have the actual tickets in possession until this Saturday)
- By calling me (Nicole) at 604-862-9738 or Zoe at 604-729-8627
- By emailing



just wanted to let everyone who has not gone to the fundraiser that it is a whole lot of fun. i went last year and nicole and whoever helped her did a fantastic job. it was very well run had great thingsto auction off awsome food and a video to make you cry. it is an absolute must for anyone who cares about saints. and we do really need the emotional as well as monetary support. please buy your tickets and support all the wonderful animals at saints. lynne