Rescue Journal

so what is new around here.....?

Carol  ·  Apr. 4, 2008

cuz there always is someone or something new (this would be besides my recent bad mood).

squirt and frank are becoming good friends...who is frank? he is a guest, i am babysitting him for a friend. anyway, frank encircles my head at night, and squirt digs into my shoulder blades so between them they have the upper body immobilized and pugsy and cuddles and clyde secure the rest of me.

new incoming surrender. he was adopted at approx. age 12 from the SPCA 9 yrs ago. his name is rosco and he is a tripod cat. with only 3 legs and an ancient, incontinent, but otherwise healthy little body, he fits into our mandate quite well.

there are times when animals lose their homes for unavoidable reasons. rosco's family with 4 children have been waiting 3 years for co-op housing, their name finally came up. it truly sucks that they can't take him with them but good co-op housing is very difficult to come by and sometimes you do have to choose between your beloved family pet and the wellbeing of your entire family.

life is full of hard choices...who knows that better than me? i hope he likes it here, saints welcomes you rosco and we all will do our best for you...sigh, you can have the bed and whatever body part you would like or wherever else you choose. the only place you cannot have is stripe's cupboard, cuz she is just as old as you.

the new washer is leaking, the repair guy comes tomorrow. washington goes to the vet tomorrow too.

and tomorrow is day one of my vacation so hopefully my mood will dramatically improve by then too.



He is such a sweet cat. Thank you for taking such good care of him Carol. Wahington wouldn't have lasted long in the Shelter situation.


he is a chronic URI cat and is frequently on ABX. he also has a chronic gingivitis (which is probably why someone removed all his teeth somewhere in the past) and has been on steriod injections every 3 or 4 months. he is just getting over another cold and while this time around he has bounced back enough to be eating and drinking quite well again he does remain unsteady, thinner and weaker than he has been up til now. i think there is something besides the URI going on for washington...we will repeat his bloodwork and compare it to the last set. i think he is coming up to seventeen now so god only knows what he is hiding inside that old body of his.