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being stupid sucks

Carol  ·  Apr. 4, 2008

part of what has been bothering me (besides a very stressful week at work) has been this blog. i have had some conversations lately that started me thinking about internet things. and the next thing i know i am popping around the internet, comparing.

i do not write as well, some have more photo's, there is more interaction, more comments, more people posting, more interesting topics, funnier, wittier, more sophisticated, more thought provoking, more pertinent, more passionate, more effective, LESS crazy...oh the list goes on. and suddenly i sucked and didn't want to do it anymore.

somehow blogging became a task to fail in, instead of a release.

so that was stupid.

anyway....dexter has a terrible case of diarrhea and i left him shut in with blind monster foot jed...i paid that price with the clean up time and it really was utterly gross.

squirt is in the cat room with me trying to play with monty. that is not overly bright either cuz monty is not having much fun.

i am currently watching the original planet of the apes on that is a stupid movie.

and my most pressing brainless moment came when i decided not to stop at the store on the way home...i am hungry, i am thirsty, i am out of milk and everything else (including the old stand-by emergency cookies.) and i am much too lazy to even think about going out again today. sometimes i wish i could actually drink the water here, and i especially wish i had stopped to buy some on the way home.


Eva Stock

Almost forgot. I will be there tomorrow am and will see you then. I will catch up on the books and help clean out the bunnies pens. Nicole and I tried to get Simon into the bunny room today but the little tyrant was too clever. Eva

Eva Stock

Ha Ha; it didn't work Carol you have to keep blogging as nobody will let you off the hook. We love it dearie. Eva Sorry to hear about Dex. He will be better soon, he's a trooper like the Saint humans.

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

Comparing other blogs is like comparing your nursing skills. You have your own unique style and humour with a strong dose of reality. You are "real" and I for one am very glad to read your blog for ideas, chuckles, and life skills on how to cope with a tough life. Blog on Carol - we need you.


From someone to far away to visit on a regular basis your Blog is my only connection. I love to hear what's happening. Your words are real, no flowers or lace, just stating it like it is which suits me just fine. I love reading your Blog, in fact you seem to write just like I think which makes it so easy to follow.!!

Susan from Chicago

You have no idea how many of us relish your blog - and check it every day - would I have read all 1517 entries if it was sub-par? I think not! But I would like to see some more playlets!! :)



I'm sorry you doubt the importance of your blog when it is so important to me. In a world so hyped with material concerns, your concern for the animals, your appreciation of their individualism and your great sense of humour, keep me grounded. Every day I need a touch of SAINTS.


I love Planet of the Apes. The second best scene after Heston says taking your stinking paws of me you damn ape is the end where he looks up and screams and then the camera pans away and you see the statue of liberty's head lying in the sand.


I really enjoyed the original Planet of the Apes. The first one was the best, the four sequels were okay but not the same. That was the movie that made me a Roddy McDowell fan.
I bet Phoebe would like it.


Planet of the Apes a stupid movie?? Are you kidding me? When Charlton Heston finally gets his voice back and yells, ,"TAKE YOUR STICKING PAWS OFF ME YOU DAMN DIRTY APE!!!" and the monkeys are all stunned that a human can talk - c'mon, that's brilliant. I bet if you had a monkey rescue you'd appreciate it. Ha!


I am a huge fan of the blog and read it daily. Its actually the only blog I read! Hey carol, would tomorrow (sunday) be alright if I came for a visit? I need a SAINTS fix, and because my Bday is coming up, ive convinced my husband to join me!


I agree - the blog is REAL. It's the only one I read and I'm not going to look for comparisons either. The grass might look greener on the other side of the fence to you but the rest us are happy with the grass on this side. It tastes better!


Oh Carol, I would so miss your blog that I MUST read daily! SAINTS is kept alive by your funny descriptions and I so enjoy them and hope they keep coming. I feel like I know all of the animals in your care just by reading what happens on a daily basis. Your blogs are REAL and that is what is so fascinating about them. Nothing phony - just the reality of what you are really doing!


oh and i found a year old container of unopened apple juice in the bottom cupboard (i bought it when ellie was so sick after her vaccinations last year to try to get fluids into her.) i am not so thirsty now. thx ellie. i couldn't find the expiration date so i am assuming it doesn't actually that a stupid thing to think?


i was perfectly content til i had to go looking...the grass IS greener on the other side of the fence ( does not need poop scooping so often)

more stupid stuff...
squirt ripped up an entire roll of paper towels, apparently that was as much fun as bugging monty (i left it where he could reach it)

the second most stupid movie tonight is the jessica lange version of king kong. (i must be bored, she does not scream very well)

it is stupid to try laying down on the couch to watch a stupid movie with clyde, frank, squirt, cuddles...... and not maude. maude can scream much better than jessica lange.

i got what i wanted...mrs. p. is back on my where are the little, needy dogs supposed to sleep?...mrs. p. is way scarier than king kong.


I enjoy reading you very much. You come across very clearly and I appreciate your style, your voice.

Fired up my printer and mailed the sponsorship form and 6 months of cheques today.


I love your blog and have become a fan. I'm not a member of Saints but also have my motely crew of senior and special needs pets in my home. I can relate to almost all of the post and it's nice to read that others are experiencing the same things as I am. Don't think your blog isn't helpful or is!



You bet, this blog is a life-line for me during the week, it keeps me connected when I miss them .. well some of them Lol.. I don't post often.. probably cuz I work on a computer all day . Sorry about Dex , Tammy & I did catch him "shopping" in the MP room , but I didn't think he got that much. oops


you have to be kidding carol. your blog is both funny and interesting it can make you laugh and cry in the same five minutes. its a great way to keep in touch if one cannot be there. dont for a second think it is boring far from it. the only time i dont like it is when you question yourself or worry what other people think. you are doing a great job and the blog keeps saints alive and interesting for people. see you tomorrow. lynne