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Charleton Heston died today. Guess the dirty apes win.

 ·  Apr. 5, 2008

Not so sorry to say goodbye to a man who was a poster boy for the NRA, and made a lot of bad, bad movies. Weird, though, that there has been all this talk about Planet of the Apes, and he dies. He was 84.



Somewhere in the seventies Chuck went terribly wrong. He started out marching with Martin Luther King Jr. for civil rights way before it became fashionable and spoke out about racism when it was a dangerous thing to do. He was also for gun control after Robert Kennedy was killed. Then... he voted for Richard Nixon! What happened? How can a thoughtful person do a 180 like that?

Who knows.. but at least now we can pry that rifle away from him.

Susan from Chicago

Not so random stray bullets - 20 school children have died since January 1 in the city of Chicago, most by gang related shootings. There is an earlier curfew and police foot patrols and commanders walking the beats, some talk of gun control but not much.

Freedom indeed.


All I can think of is Ben-Hur, The Ten Commandments, The Greatest Show on Earth, and every other cheesy, cringe-inducing movie he ever made. Oh, and that he thought Americans should be permitted to be armed to the teeth. Oh, and that he got more and more conservative and nasty as he aged.

Tom Selleck is also an NRA poster boy. I guess maybe if I were a better person, I'd say he was brave to stand up for his beliefs, but I'm not, so I won't. The guy is a putz.


ok, that is weird. crap and i said something bad about him in that movie on the day he died! this is exactly why you should never say bad things about other people.

the whole gun issue is huge in the states...freedom does have a price... like children getting mowed down by stray bullets in school yards. what a world we live in.