Rescue Journal

nicole and mo threatened to kick my butt when i diss'd the blog

Carol  ·  Apr. 5, 2008

how mad could they be? they had breakfast with me this morning so i think not that mad.

i was at a party tonight...huh? yes siree after a relatively hectic day, i went to a party (for all of two and a half hours) and the little bastards trashed the place while i was gone. that is ok, i cleaned it all up, it was easy....cuz....

god brought me a present today...the note said he was out of crystal balls so i got an easy button instead. i kind of like this thing...i hit the button and it says "that was easy" in some man's voice...i wonder if that is god speaking? everything probably is easy if you happen to be him.
i just took jesse for a bit of a walk, she was curled up in the big red chair and was reluctant to move. as soon as we got back she was right back in it so i am assuming that is her new bed for the night. she snapped today when she was being petted...i am trying to figure out if it was pure bitchiness or if that cancerous tumour on her side is making her cranky cuz it hurts. anyway, everyone be careful of that thing on her side, she is dropping weight and i think that thing is going to be a big problem soon. i will up her pain meds and see if that helps.

the second little jerk today was clyde...he nips once in awhile, you can't call it a bite cuz he never actually breaks the skin, but...he can dent it...sometimes he is saying "hello, happy to see you" and sometimes he is saying "buzz off, i don't trust you"...i honestly don't think most of the time he even knows the difference cuz he can flip from one to the other pretty darn quick. clyde is best ignored unless i am home, i think he gets weirder than usual when i am not around cuz he feels unsettled and unsafe. he has come a very long way since he got here, but he is not in happily ever after home-free land yet.
mo and i think that cole has lost the sight in one of his eyes...i had a look at it today when nicole noticed that it was not right and i think his retina may have detached. i don't think there is much that can be done at his age and i don't think it hurts either but i will get him checked on monday just in case there is something to be done which i strongly doubt. he had a bath today and was not too happy about this but mo said he got the zoomies when he got back out to the barn so she is sure he felt way better all clean.
the washer repair guy never showed up but the new cat did. rosco is VERY old and frail, he is hanging out on my bed. i have rearranged my bedroom to allow for cat only areas, when the room is only 9x10, it is a bit of a challenge. anyway, i wouldn't expect rosco to be with us for too long, we will see how he does and hopefully he will be happy here for whatever time he has left.
washington is home from the vets and we await his bloodwork results. he is very glad to be home.
there were ALOT of people here today, thank you to everyone for all the work that got done!

just to answer some of the recent comments....
glenn, the americats are probably so very wonderful because you folks made sure they knew that about themselves as soon as they were rescued...they brought that conviction of wonderfulness here with them and we all thank you for that and for them.

thank you for the nice blog comments...stupid does quite frequently sneak up on me...i probably have a hairball lodged somewhere in my brain.

sam, you are always welcome here, and your timing is perfect...we muzzled and trimmed cleo's and mugsy's nails TODAY so they won't hate you on your birthday! (they are over it now and like me again)
and to all the planet of the apes have got to be kidding...charleton heston was a superior arrogant prig (yes pig is too nice an animal for him) and the apes were way too polite not to just shoot him..... and that baby doll that said "mama" was just plain freaking scary weird.

oh and apparently a homeless spider gave birth in my van last night...there are a couple of hundred babies hanging out between my visors and rear view mirror...sigh, they kind of creep me out so i hope they leave home soon and don't decide to stay.



I just came down with a nasty cold,,,so I might come out later, but I also might leave it til next sunday.....


Charlton Heston's character wasn't supposed to be likable. He represents human nature and the reason why humans blew themselves up so that the apes could take over. When he looks at the statue of liberty buried in the sand, he is looking at a future he helped to create. I love the planet of the apes movies as corny and over the top as they are - I am sure they have a cult following.