Rescue Journal

The Happy Pill

Carol  ·  Apr. 5, 2008

(for susan)

Setting the stage...the little dog/cat room with the fireplace blazing.
The characters




and whoever else happens to be in there.

Buddy and Sissy are contentedly baking in their beds before the fire. Raymond starts to wander across the room and gets too close to the resting chi's.

Buddy leaps from his bed screaming: "You get the hell away from our fire you stupid oaf, this is our terroritory and you GET OUT!"

Raymond is startled and he immediately turns to face the enraged chi.

"You just shut up! You don't own this floor, I can walk over here if I want to!"

"Listen you moron, I will kick your blonde and brainless butt from here to eternity, THIS IS OUR SPACE AND YOU ARE IN IT SO BUZZ OFF"

"OH YEAH?" yells Raymond, "You think so you hairless little hamster, COME ON! COME ON BUDDY, LETS HAVE A GO!

"KNOCK IT OFF YOU TWO!!! BUDDY GET BACK IN YOUR BED!!!" yells the two legged human.

Buddy slinks off to his bed, lifting his lips at Raymond over his almost hairless shoulder.

Raymond trots up the room, in a bad mood now. He stands at the wire door and starts yelling at everyone else.

" Shut up you guys!" I am sick of everyone here! You are all stupid and I am mad!"

"Raymond....Raymond? come here, everything is ok" says the lady

Raymond can't hear her because he is yelling so loud.

"Raymond, come here Raymond...come have a happy pill."

He stops yelling, looks at her with interest and trots over to the computer desk.

Lexi's head rises from the couch, Buddy and Sissy sit up in their beds, Tyra and Tiger Lily stand next to Raymond and they watch as her hand reaches behind the moniter. Out comes the M&M bag, held lightly in her fingers. She reaches in and gives Raymond the first candy, and then she gives him the second one too. Then she gives everyone else one and Raymond gets one more too..

Raymond looks happy, he wags his tail and murmurs "good work" as he passes Buddy in his bed.

Buddy nods and says "no problem. she falls for it every time."


Angela from NY

That was hysterical, you are so good at this! You must keep these somewhere, to someday compile a book of little short stories. It would be so cute. and If you do Please consider me to help with the artwork, its what I do and I would love to donate my time to it! and its a great fundraiser!


the happy pill for cats is safeway's, warm roasted chicken...all arguments cease when that smell wafts thru the house....dogs are much easier to distract.

Susan from Chicago

HA! Great way to start my day!!! That was fabulous, complete with lovable characters, the metaphor of the happy pill which we all could use! and the twist ending. Fabulous!!!

Thanks Carol!

If you ever stopped writing even those who live far away would probably take a trip to SAINTS to try to convince you to keep going!

I think I am going to go buy some M&M's and see if that works there a "happy pill" for cats?


oh my god carol that was too funny. you are in the wrong business you should be in the entertainment field. your imagination never ceaes to amaze me. you have the best blog. lynne