Rescue Journal

"you are not very good at this, are you mom?"

Carol  ·  Apr. 6, 2008

hmmm. this is about the mother/daughter/spending time together thing.

my daughters were making me dinner tonight, i was supposed to be there at six. i cancelled at 4 cuz clyde has been seizuring this afternoon and i can't leave him. they do understand, this is my life...but even with understanding comes disappointment. sigh, it sometimes sucks to be a mother and a rescuer too.
clyde is pretty beat up. when tammy and i got back from the dump run we noticed some blood specks here and there. i didn't see anything obvious on anyone til clyde started seizuring again. then i knew who to look at more closely and i found the abrasions over his eye and the bloody bitten tongue. poor guy. he has had 4 now that i am aware of. he is quite sedated from the meds to try to get him to stop. i think he might be done now but i am not really sure yet. i won't know for a couple of more hours.

this is going to eventually kill him....either the meds will trash his liver or one day his brain will just fry itself into extinction.

he will be the fourth uncontrollable epileptic i have had...they are just a waiting to happen broken heart. i like animals with minor seizure conditions Cush was...a little seizure here, and little seizure way over there, just not any big deal.

today i am remembering seth, and roo, and murphy. i don't want to add clyde to that list.

i am sorry girls, i am not very good at alot of things but one day i might retire from rescue if i could still come for dinner then, maybe?


Stan Labatte

Gee my Mom is my hero I hope to one day to be just like her. The more I know you the more I just want to be just like you too..... Clyde is lucky to be loved and respected till the end. stan

Eva Stock

I think you have very sweet and nice girls who are very proud of their Mom and will make sure they have another opportunity to have you over for a special dinner. Epilepsy is such a tough desease. I hope you and Clyde and all the other Saints are able to get a good sleep tonite. Sleep well all of you. Eva


it is really hard when you have a dog who seizures my dog had them always in the middle of the night. he slept with me and i always was on pins and needles waiting for it to happen. when it did it was long and very difficult. he was my sweet boy and i could not help him. i just helped him get through it the best i couldbut i always felt so helpless. it is very hard when you love someone so much and you can not do anything to make it right. just love them lynne


I'm sorry you had to miss an actual nutritious meal (probably with no cookies in the ingredient list) and some down time, spending a few hours with your daughters, but I know you could never leave Clyde alone in a crisis.
I don't know of anyone else who would give both heart and soul to a dog as difficult as Clyde, with or without his medical issues. Rae knew what she was doing, getting him to you.
I hope you and the girls can get together soon, 'cause woman cannot live on expired apple juice, cookies and M&Ms alone.

Eva Stock

Gee I am sorry to hear about Clyde and so diddapointed that I could not make it. Sometimes the solution is worse than the problem, if you know what I mean. I am glad Tammy was there to give a hand. Thanks Tammy. I hope to be there in the am. Eva


I'm sure they understand Carol, in fact I'm sure they are proud of you for your strength, your love and your confictions. Bless you for staying with Clyde.