Rescue Journal

clyde had an ok night

Carol  ·  Apr. 7, 2008

he had a couple of more, smaller type seizures and was twitchy and trembly but as long as he could push himself up against me and sleep, he was ok with it all. we wondered on saturday if another seizure was coming and if that was why he was being a bit of a jerk. apparently so. he really can't afford to lose too many more brain cells. clyde is so vulnerable to whatever is happening inside himself, you are right deb, he actually is very lucky he is here because at least he is not vulnerable outside himself too. when he is in my arms or shoved up next to me, you can tell he feels safe and secure, whatever is happening inside that misfiring brain of his. it is hard sometimes participating in stories that you know are going to have really sad endings...i guess all you can do is keep those kind of stories happy for as long as you can.

poop fest last night...holy crap was a bit of an eye opener this morning.

i had a very good dinner last night with very good company. laura and lana had dinner at cathy's and brought me a heaping plate. i shared a bit with the americats and alot with jesse too (she LIKES cooked broccoli and cauliflower, so i kindly let her eat all of that!) jesse is turning into an awesome dog (ok, i still don't trust her with other animals) but she is spunky and playful and has that husky "it is all about me" right down to a very fine art. jesse has decided she really likes it at saints, this i am glad about since we can't find her old home and it upset me when she wanted me to. i don't think she is too worried anymore about finding her way back, she is more interested in what is happening here next and that is a relief.

soooo...i have to book cole into the vets this week....and yes nicole, copper too (but who was the other one you mentioned? cuz i can't remember) and i should get jesse in for bloodwork since she is nicer now that she likes it here. mrs. p needs a vaccine update and the matts shaved off of her back (those are really tight and have got to hurt but she needs to be sedated cuz i ain't gonna get bit) and rosco needs his thyroid level checked (cuz that we actually might be able to fix) but i think i will wait a bit longer for him cuz he is just settling in and i do not want to further upset a very frail 21 yr old cat right now.

well...let's see what today holds for us all, i am sure whatever it is, it will be interesting and i KNOW it will be filled with lot's more poop.....the sign over our door says "house at pooh corner"...i like it cuz it is true, and so what?



really? mals are affected that much? i did not know this about the breed (i actually know diddly about mals! i try to avoid them whenever possible, they are too clever for me)...that would explain the hind end weakness too!

i think you would not want to see my kitchen right now, lexi's balance is still off so she wobbles. i do not want to see it now either so i am working on being brave.

there is a poop state of is like a zen thing but you have to be utterly prepared mentally and physically, quick and efficient, like a machine...i have yet to reach this state but i know it is there somewhere, it has to be


Hi Carol

Re: Poop fest.....EWWWWWW! I gag just scraping up the mashed poops from one blind Mal lol!

Jesse- The #1 issue with Malamutes that are testy / iffy / eyeballing Hypothyroid. We see it in probably 6 out of every 10 taken in (3 of the 5 here are hypo). The central lab ALWAYS screws up on our mals so we use Dr.Dodds at Hemopet....but just so you know low-normal is full blown hypo for Malamutes.

Eva Stock

Hi Carol;

Had a better night last night and will be there a little later to catch up on all the charts, make a list for pics for Nicole and check out the bunnies. Clyde and I have been on a whirlwind for two different reasons. I am so glad that he is better. See you later. Eva