Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 8, 2008

still sketchy, trying to break thru seizure...i upped his phenobarb to 75 mg last knocked him flat on his ass. i will speak to the vet today....while an unconscious clyde might be easier to live with, not only might he not like it but i might get to liking it too much..... and start eye-balling phoebe next. this is the thing about understanding and applying "basic principles"...i could soooo easily and happily abuse it. pheobe is currently avoiding eye contact with me.

besides an even bigger poop fest last night, thx almost exclusively to lex...everyone else slept pretty well, except cody who woke up at 5 am and started complaining. careful cody, you don't want me considering you when i am considering clyde and phoebe! anyway. lex can do absolutely no wrong right now so despite the utter mess, i told her how good she was not to actually fall while she was destroying the kitchen...that would have been kind of hard to take early in the morning.

washington's bloodwork came back...still crappy kidneys and his proteins are still much too high. the vet is calling the lab to add a tumour tracking test since the increased proteins is not related to his past mouth inflammation...too bad, that was managable, a tumour might not be. he is still hanging out in the bathroom with brief forays into the rest of the world, he is such a dignified and balanced cat. i hope the test comes back negative.

well, i guess i can let the blind and crippled and sometimes stupid charging guys out of the back area now...the kitchen floor is clean and dry, they can all walk/run/slide and fall in safety now (til the next one decides they just can't wait)



Sending positive thoughts for Dear Washington. He is a very sweet and loving fellow.
Poor old Clyde, I wish there was an easy answer for him. I'm sending positive thoughts for both him and Washington.


She's had metacam, prozac, buspar, bach's rescue remedy - she had a few blood test last year too to check her thyroid and everything comes back normal. I think it's behaviour/anxiety related. She is mouthy during the day too but not as much. When I shout "SSHH" from the bedroom she makes an irritated grumbling noise and sometimes stops. She doesn't do it every night and there is no pattern but it's so loud! I gave the metacam to Kibble for her arthritis instead it helped her for a while before she passed away.


did you try her with metacam? 90% of all nocturnal senior cat yowling is pain related.


I would like to get some Phenobarb for Jenny Two and her overnight howling circuits and the apartment!! I can't find anything else that works!