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more clyde

Carol  ·  Apr. 8, 2008

this is not a happy post.

i took clyde into the vet today and it was an utter and complete disaster. i got him into the crate ok and he managed the beginning of the exam, petrified into stillness in my arms. i made a major mistake when i switched the restraining of him over to the vet tech for his bloodwork. i had already muzzled him and we decided she would hold and i would be up by his head and hold him there so he would still know i was there.

he sat still for a minute and then he exploded. the muzzle was off, he was loose in the exam room, spewing urine and feces. he was protecting himself and trying to bite everyone including me. i finally noosed him, but the tech couldn't restrain him with the towel when the vet finally said, stop. he was out of control and in danger of a coronary. then it became decision making time. the only way to get phenobarb blood levels was to sedate him which would further reduce his seizure threshold. not worth the risk so i said no, we just go ahead and up the meds as we need to. clyde is a dead dog walking, there is no point in terrorizing him and making it worse. we discussed the med option further, i will up his phenobarb dose to 67.5 mg, add valium for 2 days and then trial melatonin. i managed to get him back in the crate and got him home again.

i thought he was ok cuz he crawled up on my lap and laid there for a good 20 minutes. but i knew he was messed up from the vet visit. before i went out to the barn, all was well, but while i was out there visitors arrived without me hearing them and came straight into the house. it sent the dogs into a frenzy. by the time i got back to the house the kitchen was covered in feces, i could tell by the way that it was smeared everywhere that someone was in big trouble. i went looking for clyde and i found him in squirts crate, standing in the entrance silent and still. squirt is ok, just covered in shit and not coming out of his crate. i don't blame him.
but this tells me where clyde is at right now and it is not good.
anyway, the bottom line is...i am instituting some major changes at saints. the front gate will be padlocked when i am not in the house and all visits will only be by prior arrangement. the dogs are too stressed by the constant coming and goings of friends and strangers and it is time to start limiting their stress. volunteers and staff will have free access from 9 am til 1 pm but after that time everyone needs to check with me first.
the major offenders right now are clyde and phoebe who lose their minds by too much stimulation and they set everyone else off too. until i get those two under control i am limiting access to saints.



Eva Stock

Good idea Carol as I have always believed it was neccessay to have appt. time not random visits. You will need a message system as it is very difficult to reach you. Let me know how I can help to put that in place. I felt so bad that I even stopped by last pm but had left several messages re Maple and was not able to talk to you. And after reading the blog I now know why. I feel so bad for Clyde and Pheobe as they do get so out of control and they are still sweet dogs. God bless all the Saints and their human Saint.Eva


You should not have to apologize for limiting access. It comes down to You and only you that has to manage thru these episodes that must be so traumatic for all. I am sure this will help yourself and the animals in your care...perhaps a sign should be erected? Times and by appointment only...just a thought.

Our friends had a great boxer who had seizures which they managed for 6 years as they progressively got worse they knew it would have to day he had a particularily bad seizure and they decided then and there no more...they made him a steak and let him enjoy that and then took him in. They sad they never regretted the decision as he had a pretty good run of it til then. Sounds like Clyde will let you know when enough is enough...


Carol you need to do whatever will be best for the animals and you. Hope tomorow is better and clyde settles down again from the seizures.

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

{{{{{carol}}}} I can so relate. Training days were so stressful for me as the dogs were so wound up, noisy and couldn't relax and that is only one volunteer. My non-adoptables are the same as Phebes and Clyde - they don't do change and they don't do company either. They just want their routine, peace and quiet tho they don't mind the constant stream of dogs - they know they don't stay. It will get better. I sense a warm bath and maybe a hot toddy. Take care, Yvette


As I sit here with tears in my eyes I can only imagine how difficult today was for all of you. Poor Clyde, poor Squirt and poor Carol.