Rescue Journal

calm day uno

Carol  ·  Apr. 9, 2008

what a treat.

squirt came out of his crate today like nothing ever happened, except he is still covered in shit and will stay like that for a couple of more days. it is not bugging him, and i am not upsetting him again til i know for sure he has forgotten that he was upset. i will bath him tomorrow or thursday, i figure if it doesn't bother him, i better not bother him right now either. he really is a very sweet dog, he has forgiven clyde. he licked his mouth like he does to all of his friends and he slept on my hip while clyde slept on my legs and i laid there doing nothing except watching "forrest gump" and being a very good and quiet dog bed.

pugsy is a hoot. she has decided that the best way to get repeated attention is to ask to get up on the couch. so you lift her up, she rolls around and then she jumps off and asks up again....20 jump ups might be good exercise except she has a personal elevator.
calm day uno's don't mean perfect days tho...phoebe just went after raymond when he went past her chair and then she had me right on her butt, smart girl, she recognised her mistake and flew out the cat room dog door. she is currently shut out in the cat run and not likely to be back in the house anytime soon. she will have to wait for me to want her back in the house...she could be out there a very long time. hah, and she can't bark and complain or otherwise drive me nutz cuz she still has on the citronella collar.

relax tammy, she can handle the abuse, she should learn that there is someone bigger and scarier than her around here.



Let Phoebe know that I'll be there tomorrow (thursday) and that everything will be okay. Sounds like she had a rough day.
Glad to hear Clyde is doing better.