Rescue Journal

the saintly problem children

Carol  ·  Apr. 9, 2008

maude is all freaked out tonight, don't ask me why but she is acting weird.

mrs. p is supposed to go into the vet tomorrow at 0830 for a shave to remove her matts and to update her vaccines. what i failed to consider was how exactly i was going to get her into a crate (victim number 2 is now on IV antibiotics, another special gift from mrs. p) since i really do not want to join her growing fang club, i am optimistically hoping she goes in the crate on her own...fat chance, i bet i cancel her appointment. i would suggest that everyone follow my very good example and keep their body parts out of mrs p's reach....just a hint here...when she is looking cute and rolling around, when she is purring and rubbing up against you, when she gives that utterly sweet and gentle is a trick. she is trying to fool you into trusting her so she can fully express her anger and get even. she is de-clawed and recently homeless, she has every reason to be pissed. AND when you fail to listen to me and do in fact get bit...please remember that when i say you need to go to the clinic and get antibiotics ASAP, if you ignore me or decide to wait because that little tiny puncture looks harmless, you will be on IV'S. deep cat bites are the equivalent of a hypodermic needle filled with opportunistic bacteria shoved deep into your flesh.
clyde is sleeping alot tonight. he is very sweet when he is asleep. squirt still looks like shit but at least he is happy.
did i say maudie is weird? hysterical huskies are a drag.


Eva Stock

Tat is really funny Carol. That she should come and adopt her. Eva That is why I have always thought your memory is better by far than mine. I hope all the animals feel better soon. I feel sorry for Maude as she is so well behaved really. And a goergeous dog. Take care Eva


this cat's real name is don't you think that is weird? maybe she is your cat Pasha reincarnated? you should come and adopt her.


When I was young, we had a cat (Pasha, queen of cats) that put my dad in hospital twice. Same trick. Would sit on your lap, purring away and then wham - she would bite as hard as she could, still purring. All of us (Dad too) thought she was amazing. Cat people!!!