Rescue Journal

we got thru today

Carol  ·  Apr. 12, 2008

but lexie almost didn't. she came for a walk with nicole and me and i wasn't paying attention. we got too far ahead, and whether she wanted to take the short cut or just couldn't resist a swim on such a nice thing we knew we heard the splashing, rolling and sinking under the sea of MY beloved lexi. thank god nicole can run fast, she was in that pond, up to her shoulders, grabbed her and carried her out. nicole killed her cell phone, lost her flip flop, and soaked a donation cheque but lexi survived. luckily the vet called shortly after to talk about jed so i asked her about lexi and we decided to start her on abx prophalactically just in case to prevent an aspiration pneumonia. i took nicole out to eat as a reward for saving my dog. thank you nicole!
apparently tunie and ellie got into a verbal argument out in the field, i missed it but i know how it went...tunie would have been giving ellie crap for being a younger, less important pig. ellie would have been whining and defending herself and telling tunie that she was good and a princess pig. ellie would not have any of that upstart foolish pig nonsense and would have told her so til ellie finally went away cuz her feelings were hurt and to look for someone who thought she was percy the cow.

we got thru the meeting, they are not one of my strengths. i don't get all the other stuff ( like murphy's rules of meeting etiquette) very well even tho i know i am supposed to, i just wanted to get thru it all in an hour...honestly, i am just good at taking care of the saints. the minutes will be available at some point for everyone to look thru...i was more interested in the howling going on in the yard and who i was going to kill.....they did not like being excluded and jewel and IKY were 2 of the worst with cole and copper and maude and lexi adding their protest into the mix.

jewel had a couple of pain episodes, she spent too much time in the lower field and out in the pond. she has been confined to a kennel for weeks so i probably should have made her start out with less fun. anyway, she has had deramax and tramadol and she is ok now. i think it is neuropathic pain...intermittent, sharp and very painful AND the hardest to effectively control. this stuff i know about, this i understand but the managing of all the in and outs and have to's, are not my favorite thing.
i wish i was better at the managing stuff, saints needs me to be, maybe some day...but not today....if donald just sent some apprentice's this way, i wouldn't even have to be.


Susan from Chicago

No snow - a balmy 70 degrees today! But so dry! Alas I have to leave tomorrow morning - a beautiful place!


I too think that Angel's Canyon is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Although Utah itself has some very powerful pull for my hubby and myself. We have been several times and try to get there every 3 years. Bryce, Zion, Canyonlands, Arches..all spectacular but they don't have Best Friends which makes Angels Canyon perfect. Kanab is a pretty cute little town also..wish I was there right now. Hmmm is there snow? Maybe not if there is...


Nicole your my hero I love that dog for some reason.It's good to see her up and moving around well enough, to get into trouble. Cheers Stan


Thanks Susan, that was great, I take my deep breaths sitting on the bench above the pond at SAINTS.. on Sunday morning at 9:45 the bells from the near-by Monastrey are rung & if the wind is blowing I can also hear the SAINTS wind-chimes ... deep breaths are good for the soul .. and old dogs.

Susan from Chicago

Hello from Kanab.

We visited Angel's Rest today on a very quick tour, I spent some time looking for Dermott the dog, couldn't find his place, and then found myself, by myself at the Pahrump memorial. The chimes all stopped and all was silent. Then the very large church organ chimes started to play softly. It was a truly beautiful moment. But no time for taking it all in as the tour was leaving and I could not find my way out to the van, started to jump a wall and was reprimanded. Way to ruin a moment. ;(

I will go back to take a deep breath for you, and for me - and remember your beautiful words. May I share them with the folks here? That's exactly why A's Rest is so powerful - it is done and they were loved, and here is the proof and the chimes sing in affirmation.

Glad Lexie is OK! Take care, from the most beautiful place on earth.



Holy Crap Batman!!!!! Good job Nicole you just earned your Super Hero status!!!