Rescue Journal

the new guys

Carol  ·  Apr. 13, 2008

IKY enjoyed breakfast at mcdonalds...she ate hers and most of mine.

she is developing a fine case of separation anxiety whenever i leave the room, hopefully she gets over that soon.

jewel has absolutely foul stinky farts and since she is always laying at my feet, the air around me doesn't smell that great and i hope that settles out too.

rosco is just a sweet and quiet and lovely cat altho he does have accidents in his bed.

mrs p is on the den couch again and lexi and jed have both of the other couches...i find it interesting that in my very own house, i can never find anywhere comfortable to sit.

it was actually a fairly quiet day as i stuck close to the house to keep my eye on the new ones.

there is a 16 yr old female cat from elderly owners, and a 10 yr old arthritic female yellow lab with some spinal degeneration, looking for sanctuary here. i can't deal with them now so if anyone knows anyone, please let me know.

i think i might try for an early night...i hope IKY sleeps and jewel stops trying to kill me with toxic fumes.



i actually lost several cell phones to bleach buckets cuz they would fall out of my shirt pocket when i bent that i have a belt clip thing it doesn't happen so much....but i still lose them.
when you are bored with nothing to do, why don't you invent a very cool looking water proof cell phone case (with a tracking device)...then you could be rich and i could ask you for money when we were short and neither of us would ever wreck or lose any more phones because that is inconvenient and not environmently friendly.

Nicole "i only go in mud ponds for Lexie" McClelland

i got a replacement cell today for really cheap off craigslist- i was so excited (lame, i know), because last time i wrecked my cell during sandy's 'i may be part lab but i don't swim' water paranoia episode at spanish banks i had to pay $100 to get a new one.
what i don't get it how do i keep wrecking my cell phones due to stupid mistakes with dogs, but you dont (although you did drop your house phone in a bucket of bleach.)
by the way, did you like how i only called you once today and only for a minute!!! go me.