Rescue Journal

shadow passed away this morning.

Carol  ·  Apr. 13, 2008

shadow was a dog who i adopted out to a really great family seven years ago. she was a sketchy, messed up spaniel cross. that dog made me sad and angry. she had belonged to a man and he loved her dearly. his wife however hated her guts and this became a problem when he died. she had promised she would look after shadow but she couldn't stand the dog so she chained her to a dog house and left her there. when shadow barked and cried, the neighbors started to complain so the woman stuck a muzzle on her and only took it off once a day when she fed her. shadow lived on that chain with that muzzle stuck on her face for three very long years til one of the adult kids couldn't stand it anymore and asked me to take the dog.

there is no doubt that shadow was messed up from such an isolated and cold existence. but she became the light of of someone else's life on the day that she was adopted. her mom told me tearfully on the phone today that shadow had passed away, she said she was an incredible dog and she would always miss her.

i am not sad or angry anymore about the life that shadow once had, i feel such relief and happiness that today when she died, someone really cared.

rest in peace sweetheart.