Rescue Journal

i am a little bit frustrated right now.

Carol  ·  Apr. 15, 2008

why are other people's mistakes my problems to fix? elderly people getting pets that they will assuredly NOT outlive with families that have no intention of caring for their pet when they die. people moving into strata's that clearly state rules for pets but someone said it was ok when it was clearly not and now the animal has to go quick. people who rescue some animal and then bit off more than they can chew and now guess who needs in here today for gawds sake, it is enough to make me puke.

i want to ask if there was any money from the estate and how much the family enjoyed spending it while sending fluffy, muffy or sue off to some overburdened rescue or somewhere that was destined to fail?

i want to ask, which part of "ONE INDOOR PET, UNDER 13 INCHES TALL" did you fail to understand when you signed that agreement to buy?

i want to ask, what did you think that rescue was, just grabbing and stashing some animal over night? wow, that is amazingly quick and easy rescue.

how many "oops" are heading for my gates? enough that I should just call this People's Old Animal Oops Rescue.

you wanna know something? when i make an oops, i don't go looking for someone else to fix it for me. BIG oops phoebe, BIG oops clyde, BIG oops mrs. p, francis, carly, jesse, ben and mr. potato ed, all BIG oops, all of them relied on me to figure it out.....i am responsible for the animals in my care and someone else is SUPPOSED to be responsible for their old and helpless animals while making oops of their own and putting those animals at risk.

some of those guys are going to come to bad endings because of someone's not all that great decisions, i see it and i taste it, it makes me feel ill. i cannot take them all.



In some ways you do have franchises as you've inspired many to follow your lead. I've taken in 3 dogs, 9 cats and 11 bunnies, all seniors or special needs, all neutered/spayed and regular checkups - my inn is full too. I have to be fair to the ones already in my home to give them quality care.

I know so well the frustration and feeling of helplessness in not being able to save them all. I'm also tired of the lame excuses from those that view their animals as disposables. It does help to remember to those you have saved, to them it made a difference. Rescue while rewarding does wound the soul..there are so many.

Carole if I win the lotto , I'll share it with you and perhaps some day you'll be able to buy a bigger life raft.



I would love to be a satelite Saints ...6 dogs and 2 cats perhaps I am well on my way.


that is exactly how it feels lindsay..and we all know that you can in fact go over capacity and squeeze in a few more extra souls past the recommended number and the boat will still float cuz you have got to save every single possible one that you can even if it is scary...but once the rim of the boat is barely an inch above the water, everyone has to sit very still and no one can cough or sneeze and then you watch the others sink deep beneath the waves. it sucks.
i should get me a bigger boat!
i am thinking of franchising saints...little saints franchised sanctuaries all over the freaking place.


That's right. You can't. You can't take them all.
If you try to, you'll make yourself sick.

First thing they teach you in lifeguard training: "It does not help the drowning person to let them take you down with them. Then you just both drown."

You feel ill for a reason: it's sick-making. I imagine what it must have been like in a lifeboat on the Titanic, drifting away from the screams as the boat sank.

I'm sorry that you have to stand on one side of the red line and look across to the stranded souls who are on the other side. And--they are actually within reach on the other side. You could reach out your hand and pull them over to your side.

But the lifeboat only holds so many. Overload it, and it all goes down.

I'm sorry there has to be a lifeboat, and I'm sorry that there aren't seats for all the stranded souls. I'm sorry you are faced with staring at the Titanic from a full boat, a boat that you can barely manage to keep from sinking, every day.

Thanks for being someone who continues to see and feel for the stranded souls, even when the lifeboat is full.