Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 17, 2008

they missed updating mrs.p's vaccines when she was in for her shave...understandable cuz they had their hands full of a very uncooperative cat but now she is starting with a case of URI and it means that i have to medicate her which i am not happy about. she finally got out of my bed last evening which meant the rest of us could get into it. that was nice, being able to sleep in one's own bed and my back feels better today.

IKY likes bugging molly, it is like trying to play with a shark. IKY thinks it is kind of fun and molly does not. jewel had her feelings hurt when clyde was being a toad, it took most of the evening for her to get over it, she is one very sensitive dog.

two more days before i go back to work...just a couple of things left on the list for me to do. today is re-seeding the lower field cuz i didn't get around to that yet.

i was trying to answer the phone a bit more but now i am back to not...i forgot if i answer, folks don't get the "we are currently full" message, and that truly sucks. i now have heard the stories of 5 more "can we come to saints please?" i have turned all the cats away, all of them are coming from isolated homes, they won't do well here now when we are so full.

the dogs i said maybe, call me again near the end of may. one is a 16 yr old that will have to go into boarding and the other is an arthritic senior that will have to be maintained in an empty house for a few weeks. this may give us time for an adoption/permanent foster offer or two (wishful thinking), someone might actually pass away (i hope not) and maybe i can get mugsy and cole not to care that jed is unneutered and likely to remain that way (wishful thinking again). but it will also give me time to finish settling the new ones and that in itself will help some.

i did get an email about 2 seven yr olds in desperate need in the queen charlottes but i said no, they are too young... one of them looks like a twin to my tyra and they both look like lovely dogs so that sucked that i looked at the pictures which i am not supposed to do either.

aurora the chicken has all of her feathers back now, she is a beautiful bird and washingtons blood test was negative for a tumour, not that it matters cuz he is still seventeen and not well. and copper is the last pre-booked vet trip tomorrow for his ear flush and dental surgery.
i spoke on the phone to someone who had been at Pahrump, and she described the horror that our americats came from...freaking bastard animal "rescuers" to make them and 800 others live in such hell.

i think that is all of the updates, at least those that i can remember right now...oh, greg spread some gravel on the muddy paths yesterday so now i won't fall again and break something looks great and i feel much safer and so will everyone else!

anyway, back to not answering the phone again


Yvette~Turtle Gardens

I guess I will find room for the two 7 year olds. Hopefully they will fit in here with the rest of the groups. I know what you mean about not answering the phone - the calls are endless - the north is moving and dogs are not going with families well most aren't. Tough days ahead. Take care Yvette