Rescue Journal

copper told me to piss off

Carol  ·  Apr. 18, 2008

copper is home from the vets, he had several dental extractions. sigh, they forgot to flush his ears...too late now. he promptly lifted his leg and peed in my van...copper's version of "f.u. babe" i guess he thought today royally sucked.

mo came for a visit, and cathy groomed the farm folks, i got the dump run done and tammy faithfully ignored phoebe for a bit. it was a decent day and i am having a late dinner with my family, looking forward to that.
back to work tomorrow, i guess my vacation is done.



no walks lynn for him for a couple of weeks, he has open draining incisions and sutures in his mouth and i want him to stay home to decrease the risk of infection.


oh copper! guess its back to the vets for the ears hey bud. I feel out of the loop as I am still confused about frankie! what happened?


tell copper i will make him happy tomorrow and take him to the dyke for a walk. lynne