Rescue Journal

i am worried about mugsy

Carol  ·  Apr. 18, 2008

he is such a pain in the butt, it is not like i can just whip him down to the vet. but his pain is becoming an issue. in the past month, he has gone from pain meds intermittently to needing them every day. and the melixacam is not cutting it, i am going to have to add tramadol now. he is no longer barking and being an ass when we go for our walks, he is just toddling, quietly along.

part of the problem is the big galoot is going on 14 yrs old and his old arthritic body is remembering his age now. he also insists on sleeping outside for most of the night. he is up on one of the raised beds so at least he isn't on the hard ground. last night i made him come in and i locked the doggy door. first thing this morning he is back out there on his bed and it is snowing out there today.

and if he wasn't such a freak out, i could take him into the vet. but in order to do that i have to knock him completely out and that is not good for him at his age. those last few times that he was sedated, to get him off the original property to the vets, and again to the kennel and again to here and again to the vets yet again...those sedation incidents took alot out of an old dog who hates to messed around with.

ahh mugsy you are such a freaking pain. i will talk to the vet today and see if she thinks it is worth the risk to sedate the old bugger again...i just don't want to do anything that will harm him but i want him to feel well too and want to know if there is something that we can do for him or if it is just his old age.


Eva Stock

Oh my gosh, that is really too bad, I did not realize he was that bad. I don't blame you for worrying as you care so much for those guys. Eva


he would still have to be sedated eva, mugsy is not safe to mess with. it took three of us with a muzzle just to trim his nails and we barely managed that because he was so upset.

Eva Stock

Hi Carol;

Maybe he could have a home visit at the end of the day for Coleen and that way you would be home, she cold draw blood there and examine him with a muzzle. I would be willing to come help with him as I really like him and his sis. Eva Could you ans. that please?


he might be a pain in the ass but you have got to love his face. i have never seem another dog with a face quite like his. i hope he is okay. maybe he could find another dead rat to make him lynne