Animal Updates


Sheila  ·  Apr. 18, 2008

Serena... our foster from Turtle Gardens. Part Goat, Part Deeer, and Part Doggy.


Yvette~Turtle Gardens

Dave calls our remaining salukis "cats indoors and untrained reindeers outdoors". Serena looks beautiful! Thank you so much for fostering, training and socializing Serena. I am so fortunate to know you and Leila.


Her buddy finally, after 6 long months found a home.
Serena who is a beautiful, exotic dog had 3 enquiries in the first week on being on petfinder. NOT FAIR. But who said life was fair. Serena misses her boyfriend very much.


francesca, serena is not a saints dog so you won't get to see her here she is a foster dog of TG with sheila and leila.

Stan Labatte

Gee she looks great Sheila THANKS ((((((((((((sheila)))))))))) I really hope I get a chance to say hi, to her before I leave and she goes to her new home.It would be great for her to have visit with Trip who is here with me now. (yes I can't go anywhere with out a dog!!!!) gee they love to go for rides and have adventures too.


Oh look at her. She is so pretty!!!
Looks like she is fitting in well with her buddy there. Awesome.

Francesca Wilson

What a bright sweet thing - welcome to Saints Serena. Can't wait to meet you.