Rescue Journal

i am going to switch jewel's meds

Carol  ·  Apr. 19, 2008

she is so much brighter and "with it" this morning. i think her current mix hurts her gut cuz her abdomen gets hard and tight and she gets all quiet and distracted and painful looking. she is trying to entice IKY into playing with her, but IKY is more worried that i am looking like i am going somewhere and not too interested in a quick game.

mrs. p. looks like crap today, this will be her second dose of zithromax with dose 3 on monday. we should see an improvement by then for sure (i hope!)....she really is a very sweet cat.

sigh, i have to decide where to leave who today...clyde was frantic that i left him in the back area with squirt last night when i went out. he wants to stay in the kitchen but that means i have to leave IKY and jewel in the cat room and then they go out into the outside cat run and howl. jewel is very loud.

we all think it sucks that i am going back to work today.



I agree Mrs. P. is a very sweet cat. She loves her cuddles. She would sit on your chest and purr all day if you let her. She is also becoming more adjusted to the dogs and doesn't upset quite as easily as before.