Rescue Journal

these guys are nutz but they would make great characters in fractured videos

Carol  ·  Apr. 20, 2008

buddy and sissy HATE IKY...she wants to play, they do not....i might have to kill all three....but we could call their video "ICKY and IKE"
squirt is not quite sure if he likes IKY or not. he likes to play but he is not sure about playing with her cuz she is kind of big....his video could be "SEE SQUIRT RUN"
i am getting freaking tired of the canine rush every time i go thru a door...lexi, phoebe, maude, tyra, IKY, jewel, raymond, and now squirt budge right past to get thru without getting left behind. the thing is that most of the time, i just want a drink of water, or a cookie or maybe i have to pee and i am coming right back in a minute or two which means they are coming with me yet again. it is STUPID...why can't they just stay put cuz i am coming right back, but they don't trust me not to escape so they trail me like a determined posse. (except posse's are not supposed to run over, thru and past the one they are chasing) we should do a video and call it "CATCH HER IF YOU CAN" or "ANTICIPATE THAT" or "AROUND THE HOUSE AND THRU THE DOOR IN 80 SECONDS OR LESS" or "THE AMAZING CHASE" they spend all freaking day and night getting in my way.

a heads up for everyone...there are emails i am not getting so either they are getting sent to the wrong address or they are going into the junk file (which i can check on hotmail but have no idea how to check on shaw) anyway, if you haven't heard back and it happens to be important, either send it again or give me a call....(this could be "YOU'VE GOT MAIL...NOT)
cole howled like a big baby when he had his bath today...gawd that dog hates getting wet, he acts like it will give him some deadly disease....(I'M MELTINGGGGGG..........) it is not our fault he has no bowel or bladder control and we have already decreased his bathing to every couple of weeks cuz he was so upset. geez cole, buck up buddy, it is just water and a bit of suds for goodness sakes, if you were some kind of wicked green witch, you might have something to worry about....."The WHIZ-ARD of DOG".... he did quite like his visit to the MP room to skulk around and steal stuff after he was finished getting wet, he thought that was a fun thing to do...."The LEAKING THIEF"

...anyway the movies are just a thought if someone has a hankering to produce a movie or ten.



there will be photos of iky. i'm finally finished school and will be doing plenty of web updates this week.
and maureen politely reminded me that it has been a long while since i have posted photos so those will also go up sometime this week.


I'm officially addicted to the Saints blog! It's like a furry soap opera... BTW I would love to see a pic of put a face to the tales (tails?)