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egg mc-nothins

Carol  ·  Apr. 21, 2008

mugsy is currently sitting quietly in the back yard pondering life....with an entire egg held gently in his mouth. it must be a zen thing.

cleo, nola, and cody are not the least bit into zen, they promptly smashed their eggs on the ground and ate them. they have more common sense.

those were just free floating eggs in the chicken run that no one seemed particularly attached to.

but helga has gone eggy again, she is laying in the chicken's dog house cottage brooding over a clutch of eggs. i went thru this last spring with her when she sat on the things for almost a month (thank all chicken god's that they were duds.) i have this moral struggle every time she starts this crap...are there forming chicks in those shells?, or are they non viable eggs good for a moment of mugsy-zen. i personally believe once life has begun, in individual choice,..helga appears to be choosing protective mothering of those eggs of possibility..... i would prefer she tossed them right out of the freaking nest like everyone else in there does. (i hope they are blanks again and she is just living in a fantasy dream!)

so tonight is a night of egg mc-nothins because obviously nothing important is going on.

(oh except, mrs p is home from the vet and feeling a little bit better)



thanks for the info that helped. Sorry about Hook, he is such a cute cat.


eva...hook and endora go in to the vets today...jesse's bloodwork came back fine...AND i have new vet sheets that i developed for their charts to keep track of this stuff (you are going to LOVE them)


lol heidi...rusty is a rooster and he is in the same group as helga and i believe you take your chances with tiny hatching chicks...they are male or female and i can't tell the difference until they reach the juvenile stage....but that brings to mind another worry...holy crap man, what if she has viable eggs and there are more roosters hanging out in some of them...i am taking her eggs away, screw that risk, rusty only has one working eye left as it is.


umm, im just a city girl and know nothing about chickens but don't the eggs need a male to do their thing? Also how are roosters born as any of the chicks I have seen all look the same and roosters being male can't have roosters can they. Inquiring minds want to know?

Eva Stock

Hi Carol;
That is hillarious about the eggs. It's because Mugsy never had a pup to father I bet. Smile. He get's attached to the rats too for heavens sake. Only you would think to call them Mc-nuthins.

Hope you got my note. I held Colton for awhile today and he seemed to settle well while I was holding him. jessie was really cute. She did her little dance a couple of times.

Will chart about Mrs. P. tomorrow pm. How were Jessie's blood results? I'll chart that too if you will put it in the blog for me and any other things that need charting. Oh and how is your sweet Hook?
I'll drop in tomorrow after my am in Maple ridge. Bye for now , Eva