Rescue Journal

the saints humans are all addicts

Carol  ·  Apr. 21, 2008

....bleach addicts...and i am the one who got everyone addicted. we LOVE the smell of bleach. i walk in the door at lunch time and the first thing i say is "i smell bleach...mmmmm." when we are training new people, it takes awhile to get the right mix...that lovely clean and pure smell of bleach vs the "my eyes are watering out of my head."...the right mix is an art. it is better than a freshly baked pie cuz it means this place is clean. i wish that bleachy clean fragrance would linger right thru the night so i could wake up to the smell of clean in the morning too. we could do a great bleach commercial.
blech. unfortunately the smell i woke up to was one of my worst dreams...diarrhea from one end of the kitchen to the laundry just cannot put a positive spin on starting the day with that. (except i guess someone is not constipated, which i suppose is a good thing)

anyway, gotta get the barn guys out. gotta get jess out for a pee. gotta get to work. gotta phone the vets while i am driving in and see who can see mrs.p and who can take a look at mr. broken tooth hook....and when (hopefully i can drop them both off on my lunch break today and pick them up again after work.)