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Carol  ·  Apr. 22, 2008

i picked hook up from the vet on my lunch break...ok, so now i don't care about his freaking tooth. he is tachycardic, his thyroid is enlarged and he has a huge mass wrapped around his liver and spleen. the last time he was at the vets was 4 months ago and then he just had a bladder infection. things change pretty damn quick when you reach ancient age. i got them to send off some blood work, cuz the only thing i can see to fix is his thyroid. i have loved this ancient skinny cat from the second he got off the plane. hook is now palliative...this means good pain control, even better food and treats and any freaking time he wants to lay on the hot towels as they come out of the dryer, he is absolutely allowed to for as long as he wants. i love you mr one-eyed man.

endora is still at the vet, we are waiting for her to pee. if she had peed sooner she could have come home at lunch too but she didn't so now she has to wait til 5.

i got an email from the siberian club...there is a 10 yr old sibe losing his foster home. he is a bit cranky over toys and is cranky with the little dog there so he has to go. they have no other foster homes, there is just 2 of them in the club that do rescue. if they can't find a place for him, they say they will have to make a very hard decision. he is too young and healthy for here and we do not have any room. if anyone knows anyone who could foster this guy for them or for saints, i am sure he would appreciate the second chance. i wish i could offer it to him here but i can't. you can see nikko on their site under rescue at:
and i have to decide what to do about jewel. i can't find the key to her it intermittent physical discomfort or is it mental anguish from intermittent dementia or is it a combo of both? sometimes she is bright and with it and other times she is lost in space. she is worrying me ALOT.



how is your hand kelsey? mrs. p is a nice cat now (except she is not feeling very  well so i am not sure if the niceness is temporary or just cuz she feels sick and needs some sympathy and extra kindness.)

thx emma...i have a few different kinds of bed warmers here...magic bags, snuggle safes, hot water bottles and heating pads..have you got something new and interesting? i like new and interesting stuff...especially if they do not plug in!

Baby Redneck

Carol you rock! I love how you speak your mind, thanks for that enlightening comment on our blog!


endora is happy to be home...her UTI is all cleared up but now she has struvite crystals in her urine so she is starting a special diet to dissolve them.