Rescue Journal

idol was amazing tonight

Carol  ·  Apr. 22, 2008

now that was music i actually understand. i love musical theatre. i used to take my kids to every single one that i could scrape up the cash for good seats to see. miss saigon was my favorite....ah i miss those forays into the live stage of musical dreams.

so i have been thinking again...that i never mention the good guys around here. i only mention the sick or the utterly annoying, or the doorknobs being doorknobby. piss me off or make me laugh or cry and you get blog mention, but just be good and kind and no trouble and i won't ever talk about you...not fair.

here is sparky, one of the absolutely nicest and sweetest dogs on earth and i never talk about her. did you know that she can tell time? she knows when lunch is getting near. out she pops cheerfully underfoot waiting for her bowl to be filled. she never gets into trouble, she never makes a mess, she doesn't cause any chaos, she is just a very sweet little girl. no one ever asks about her, no one ever what that she has cushings disease, she doesn't care and she is well controlled.

i never talk about tiger lily. at almost 18 yrs of age, she is our oldest dog. she wears her ratty old red sweater and she never gets into trouble either. but she is bright and perky and sweet and she likes her lunch too. she can rabble rouse with the best of them til her food bowl appears. every once in awhile i see her having a party in her bed, she rolls and rolls and rolls around just because it feels good.

i rarely talk about toby, our 20 yr old cat. he politely pats your arm to get your attention and likes to sit next to you. i almost never talk about boo anymore cuz she is nice now and no longer bites me. her mouth is in good shape and her coat is neat and tidy. she lives on top of my dresser cuz she likes it best right there and she likes to goof around in my dresser drawers when i am looking for something to wear.

i don't talk about nola very often cuz she is another very nice dog. she just wants to hang out with us and have fun. mable and sidney are like the worlds absolutely cutest rabbits but they don't create havoc so i rarely mention them. olga and olivia are beautiful and very nice and healthy chickens and the only thing bad i have ever seen was olga beating the crap out of a trespassing, chicken food thieving crow (and i think he deserved it too.) monty is a happy, funny cat who likes to play with pretty much anything...including dogs tails if he can reach them that is. he has these really great, deer in the headlight eyes.... he looks perpetually is very cute.
our lovely sweet and gentle sheep who never do ANYTHING wrong, kissy and annie and grammy, never get written about on the blog.

i am going to try to talk about the good guys and the ones who aren't sick once in awhile cuz they are all among my favorites...mostly because they do not ever worry or piss me off, and they never give me a headache, they just make me feel good.



That is so ironic! The last couple days I've been meaning to ask how Toby is doing. If only I could squeeze in one more cat... his tired old eyes stole my heart.


the last i heard, packer is doing GREAT! he has made himself right at home and is very happy.


It was so nice to hear about the good guys Carol. Have you heard how Packard is doing?