Rescue Journal

saints very reluctantly welcomes nikko

Carol  ·  Apr. 23, 2008

banging my head against the wall. we are going to have to take on nikko, the sibe i posted below. apparently in desperation his foster mom contacted the pound to surrender...luckily the pound staff gave her our number. sigh, fate is not such a helpful thing.

anyway, he is getting pretty cranky, he has untreated ear pain and a very large and painful mass on his side, the foster mom said she is unable to provide vet care and the rescue's vet account is empty. soooo, what to do? (besides shooting myself...or the freaking dog)
negotiate. he can have full and immediate vet care thru us and we will take him here as soon as we have room and she has agreed to keep him there for awhile but no longer than the end of june. and i did promise to move him here sooner if we could.

tomorrow i will go meet him and get her to sign a foster agreement and i have asked the rescue club to fax over a release, transferring his full care and ownership to saints.

it is the best we can do.

bloody northern nutbars, we have more than enough of those now.