Rescue Journal

a couple of things

Carol  ·  Apr. 26, 2008

firstly...yesterday i picked up a package from the post office. i thought it was a donated item for the silent auction. it wasn't. it was a very nice folding cot for me so i no longer have to sleep on the floor when one of the animals is quite sick. thank you so much jenine from nevada, a simple act of kindness and my heart is full again!

secondly...rosco is just too freaking cute. a scrawny, skinny, ancient, 21 yr old, three legged cat, and he knows damn well how to communicate effectively with humans. i was watching a movie last night and rosco decided i should be feeding him instead so he pulled himself out of my room, down the hallway and into the den. then he proceeded to stare at me til i got up and fixed him a bowl of hot tuna. by the time i was finished, he was perched back in his bed, all ready and quite content to enjoy his bedtime snack.

and thirdly...about that movie...i need someone to come and watch it with me. i had to turn it off cuz it was so scary and usually i don't do scary but LAURA told me it wasn't scary and she lied to me! anyway i need to watch the rest of it to where i am sure the hero wins and saves the human race cuz then i won't be scared anymore (i was quite disturbed when i went to bed...i actually locked the front door!)...the movie is "legend" with that willis guy and it is about the last man on earth, so if anyone wants to watch it with an utter coward and a few too many dogs...please give me a call.

and fourthly...don't call me this morning on my cell because i forgot it at home and it is still sitting by the microwave (i will pick it up at noon)


Eva Stock

Wow!! Thank you for letting me know because I was going to get that movie as I watched the interviem with Tavis Smiley and Mr. Willis and I thought it must be really good. I don't do scary movies.

Simon spent the day today with Floppy, Angel and white spot. He had a great time and they enjoyed him too.

Hope it is another nice day tomorrow so they can be outside again.

Elly Mae was fascinating the neighbourhood today. Had 2 people come to me to say that Elly Mae dug a hole in the field and looked really cute lying there sleeping in the sun, in the hole she dug. I had taken note myself when I went to fill Simon's dish today. She is the cutest pink pig in the world!! No wonder you love her so much Carol. Eva


i watched the rest in the daylight when i got home from work...sheesh, i spent alot of time running out of the room (squirt and cuddles followed, not cuz they were scared but to see where i was going)


I guess we all have our different is the glass 1/2 full or 1/2 empty. Scary to me is slasher movies, I find this one more of a thriller on the edge of your seat movie. Anyways how can you be scared you have Cuddles & Squirt to protect you!! But since I know you need to finnish it to see what happens I will come and watch it with you and tell you what happens when your eyes are closed. Tonight is the only night I can't I'm at a fundraiser for the F.V.H.S. Just let me know what works best for you and I'll be there with my popcorn & baseball bat!!


I totally watched it my eyes shut. That's actually the reason you need someone to watch it with you--they can tell you when it's okay to open your eyes again.


I dont do scary....I did NOT enjoy that movie either! I watched in the theater with my eyes shut alot!


Laura said it wasn't scary because it wasn't. Holy call that scary. The parts you don't like you just keep your eyes closed. It works for me.