Rescue Journal

i cannot decide if i am losing my mind or my vision (either one would not be good)

Carol  ·  Apr. 30, 2008

i think the dump run fairy visited us during the night. i did not notice that the huge pile of garbage was gone when i got home from work...but it might have been. this would be scary cuz why did i NOT notice 500 pounds of missing garbage right next to where i park my car? and it is not like i just parked my car and then went into the house and never came back out again. i parked my car, walked past the garbage or not garbage (depending on if it was there or not) and into the mp room and came back out and in with jesse for a quick walk (i did this at 6 and again at 10, so that was 4 more times i walked past where that pile should be).

and then when i went to put the barn guys to bed, i checked the hay shed too...not a bale of hay to be seen (good thing i picked up an emergency bale this afternoon) i went back out to the van which should have been parked next to a big pile of garbage and i STILL did not notice if it was there or not (there really must be something wrong with my eyes). i drove it around to the barn and i unloaded that bale of hay so everyone could have a proper dinner. and just when i had finished, the hay guys showed up.

when the hay was unlaoded, we walked back up to the front of the house so ed could look at the tractor and advise me if we should sell it or not (i think i would rather not but it is a tight money thing). i can't say if at that point i saw any garbage there or not. BUT i noticed this morning when i was completely out of tea and i went out to borrow a bag from the MP room that the garbage had mysteriously vanished.....apparently sometime during the dark of the night? ...maybe?

well let's not over analyse, a gift is a gift is a gift...thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! to the kind and considerate garbage dump fairy who saved me half a ton of work (and the dump fees) today!


Eva Stock


Don't think you have lost your mind about the recycle and cardboard being gone as I am doing my household stuff right now so will take that too. Eva

Chris T

are you sure you didn't sleep walk and take the garbage yourself and you just don't remember>? Maybe dementia is kicking in from all the bleach fumes???


What a thoughtful and generous thing to do! Those of us in rescue and the endless task involved understand completely your loss of vision or mind. I often claim I can give others a piece of my mind if they happen to lose theirs. You just need to ask Carole!
The garbage fairy was incredibly thoughtful and hopefully good Karma goes back their way.