Rescue Journal

roscoe is not good

Carol  ·  Apr. 30, 2008

he was dragging himself around yesterday looking for extra snacks every time i turned around. and today he is not interested in any food but is still dragging himself around and laying in odd and uncharacteristic places. i just found him in the hallway, and earlier he was under the coffee table, he was on squirt's front door step, on the dog bed in my room...he is motoring all over the place looking for the best place to rest and for no good reason that i can think of, except one. he is quite cold, his body temp is dropping, he is 21 yrs old. so what are you looking for today mr. roscoe? maybe something that will make me sad?

i have put him back in his own comfy bed and i have wrapped him up in a fleece, and i would be happy if he would stay there and warm up a bit and then ask for something yummy to eat.



forgot to mention his ears were quite cold today aswell.
did you try seeing if he was interested in milk?
poor mr. man

Eva Stock


Sorry to hear about Roscoe, he has been such a marvel! It sounds like he is having trouble getting comfortable and looking for the right place. I hope it is in his nice warm bed if it has to be.

I am also sad about Pheobe, My gosh she seems more frantic all the time doesn't she. I sure hope the meds kick in to releive her stress and yours. Eva