Rescue Journal

jed finds a friend

Carol  ·  May 1, 2008

it warms your heart to see jed playing, it heats it up even more to see him playing with another dog, it turns it up to a worrisome broil to see him playing with carly.

hmmm...carly likes jed alot....carly likes playing with him that a spay scar on her belly or is it a scar from something else?

anyway the two of them had a blast playing together out in the front yard today. there were no sexual overtures on either part, just a great deal of fun. (can you imagine newfie/pitty pups? good lord i would have to shoot myself)

we also let jed hang out in the kitchen for awhile this morning, he liked that alot. the little dogs love him, the big dogs not so much and the cats just think he is some freak of nature. they all lined up along all the counters and stared at this mammoth-sized canine machine and i swear their eyes were popping out of their heads.

he truly is an utterly sweet, sweet dog and i have to say, i finally met someone with even less of a brain than my beloved tally-ho.

nicole how would you feel if carly was part of a bonded pair?



Nicole why have one slobbering doorknob when you can have TWO?!
The idea of SAINTS being taken over by a fleet of Pewtty dogs is both lovely and terrifying simultaneously.
I'm so happy that these two 'special' dogs have found each other!


IF a newfie and a pitty would end up with a pewtty...and those pups would be gigantic, gi-normous, brainless, happy-go-lucky destructor machine tanks who would cheerfully level saints in less than a day...gee, i can see them....they remind me of jazz.
she was a very good dog. were rotti's originally bred from newfy's and pitts? if so that was a stupid idea.


Kiefer is madly, passionately and hopelessly in love with Sienna. They have been best buddies since the day he came home to us. He gets extremely jealous if she doesn't give him the attention he's due....but she has grown accustomed to having him drag her around by the collar. A


wow who would have thought. i am glad for the two of them hope they keep being friends. mayve carly does not know that jed is actually a dog. lol lynne


seems like pitties and newfies find each other. Sienna and Keifer are a pair also. I am happy to hear that carly has a playmate.