Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 9, 2008

talking about retirement in the ask me post has gotten me to thinking.

i cannot remember normal life. the one where the phone did not ring constantly, where i did not have to stop and make myself remember to say thank you or how are you, or can i help you, a hundred times a day. a time where the floors got washed once a week and laundry was not a smelly monsterous thing. i do not remember not hauling hundreds of pounds of feed, hay and litter or doing 2 huge dump runs a week. did i used to live in a house that looked and smelled clean without using 10 gallons of bleach in a week and a dozen rolls of paper towels?

what do people do when they come home from work, if not wrestle an 800 pound calf with his nose in someone else's dinner? or waiting around and tapping your foot impatiently for a llama to grace you by consenting to getting around to coming in, or kissing a pink princess good night or freeing a stupid crow stuck in a fence? what does your house sound like when you come in if there isn't a score of yelling dogs vying for your attention? and what is exactly on your counters if it isn't cat beds, bowls, litter boxes and this weeks donated stuff?

and what do you think about and problem solve and plan and worry over if you don't have almost one hundred homeless creatures all depending on you? what hurts your feelings when you are no longer in someones target sights? and how do you feel good and loved and cared for without countless friends all over the place?

i am thinking that retirement might be a challenge and an adjustment as i figure out what to do.

i wonder if i will need therapy?......probably, since i already need it now just thinking about what i would do.

i better go to work and worry about this later when i have less to do.



like i would retire up there where there are even more dogs in need. i should retire to beverly hills, how many homeless can there be there?


Hey I thought you were going to retire up here in the great white north? Gee I got your place picked out and everything 1000 acres should do, and a great big house:)
Ok maybe not maybe we could go together I think I might like a tropical island, with no roads or people just dogs. With very large garden's to eat from I am sure by then you well never eat meat :) we could be neighbors hhmmmm