Rescue Journal

i lost the argument...again.

Carol  ·  May 10, 2008

ratz...i still feel tired and icky and i got almost 8 full hours of sleep in too! i think it is that -pms'ing-peri-menopausal thing again..this must be why older woman take hormone replacements...because every freaking month, nature beats the crap out of you. i want a bed day.

but, barring that...i have something interesting i am trying today. it was staff appreciation week at work and we all got little portable milage things that clip to our clothes. i don't care how much or how far i walk at work cuz i get paid but i am quite interested to know how many miles go on me in a single day around here. so as soon as i actually get moving in any semblence of productivity, i am clipping that sucker on to see how far i go in a day.

today might be a bad day to do this cuz i have to drive out to chilliwack to leave a crate and a cheque for the goose ( i told trina she has got to stop paying vet bills out of her own pocket or she will go bankrupt soon.) so i will be driving for a good portion of today with that and feed runs but i will keep track of that too. hopefully the goose will be well enough to come home on monday from the vets, at least that's the current plan.

looks like todays weather is matching how i physically feel, blah and undecided about how the day will proceed. the animals were pretty good last night, the morning clean up was not too bad so maybe that was an omen?

oh, and before i forget...i just wanted to plant the "we need" seed...monday, may 19th is a stat holiday which means not only am i working but the paid staff have the day off from here (we can't yet afford stat holiday pay) any help would be greatly appreciated...i can manage either house or barn/americats/bunnies but both when i am working already is a bit nutty and the animals don't enjoy themselves very much...."zip! there goes carol...zoom! she's over there! where did she go now? holy crap lady, slow down, you're making us dizzy!!!!"...hah, i should keep track of my mileage on one of those days!

ok, i am moving my not so happy butt...time to get dressed and start moving even if my gut says it really is time for a hot water bottle and back to bed. (the smart part of me ALWAYS loses internal arguments, maybe someday i can let myself win....something to look forward to, oh yay!)



Leave the Laundry on the 19th I will come by and do it or take i t home c u then Elaine


i think i'm working on the 19th, but depending on what shift i will try to come out.


hi carol i can come by on the 19 and do the house and whatnot. no problem. lynnei will come by at 9.