Rescue Journal

mothers day

Carol  ·  May 11, 2008

i told my kids i didn't need to see them today...i had dinner with them all last week for my birthday and will see them at the fundraiser on saturday. eric lives in vancouver and lindsey's boyfriend is in town this weekend, they are busy and i always have alot to do on the week ends.

jenn is going to san francisco next weekend so she said my ban on family til saturday did not include her. she drove out and visited all the saints and then took me out for east indian food....very hot, very good. the nicest part of the visit was the very end, she sat with me in my animal free den and played with pugsy, petted phoebe, had tang schmoozing with her and spoke kindly to squirt hiding out in his crate. what was so totally nice about it was how relaxed she was....she was comfortable sitting down, surrounded by my crew...not worried about the animal hair, or how many bodies were touching her...omg...when i wasn't looking my prissy, dressed carefully, don't touch me, don't drool and keep your hair off me, daughter grew up into a kind and gracious woman! that was a great mothers day gift!


Eva Stock

So glad you had such a nice time with Jenn, Carol. I had a nice time at Saints with all the people that were there and all the cool Saints. I cooked a big spring salmon with baked sliced potatoes with chesse on and buttered Yellow beans, salad with greens and red and yellow peppers and feta cheese. Homemade italian dressing. The boys had choc. chip cookies for dessert I was too full. The boys and leah brought me two great hanging plants. Cool Mothers day. Eva Oh and my sister emailed me and I talked to my brother.

Chris T

I am sure I am not the only one who noticed the contradiction of animals in your 'animal free den'. LOL


is itnot great having sweet kids i took my daughter down to white spot for dinner which was totally unexpected and we had a great time. it was nice without any kids and husbands just hung out. by the way it was mosie i was talking about at lunch today i saw a picture she had a large black moley kind of thing on her eye