Rescue Journal

i am soooo confused!!!!

Carol  ·  May 12, 2008

my cell phone rings when i am on the way to work this is work calling, i am not late yet, in fact i am going to be early!

"hey carol, did you remember we changed you to afternoons?"...crap!

i went to work anyway and did a couple of things and then headed out to chilliwack to get our new goose.

i got a 3rd or 4th hand version of what the vet had to say, they did bring the xrays tho so that was good. apparently she has a load of metal sitting in her gut, i guess the geese pick it up and swallow it when they are foraging for food. the vet said it should pass. i am looking at the xray and i can see the metal but it looks like it is in her leg to me cuz i know squat about geese and their physiology.

so i decide to whip her home and then pop over to one of our clinics so they can explain to me how that honking big ball of metal is supposed to make its way out of her. i go to the pounds van to grab mother goose and i had to do a double take cuz in the carrier was a duck.

crap! mother goose is now mother duck!!!

i settle her at home and then rush in to start my shift and call the clinic to see if dave will educate and explain his opinion based on her xray.

so that metal is not in her gut, it is in fact in her leg which means some bastard shot her and i hope he shoots himself in the foot.

AND, she still has growth plates on every single bone which means our goose who is really a duck is also a baby which further means she can't be named mother duck.

saints welcomes our new lame duck who despite all my best efforts is currently without a name.



i am not happy about her today...she is not moving. we set up an area for her in the storage room and moved her out of the chicken area. edwina was sitting on her early this morning and then on top of her crate at noon. edwina seems to like her alot!
i called the original vet, the receptionist says that metal is in her gut. so i am still confused, i asked her to get the vet to call me and i booked an appointment with dave on friday...i need to get unconfused so i know what kind of help she needs...sorry everyone, i am crapping out of the name game, i am falling for her...she is very, very sweet and vulnerable...her name is endeara.


I thought Schrapnel would be appropriate. Not as a joke...then folks would ask why the name and you could explain the evilness of what was done to her...a teaching lesson. But it would be unfair I guess to label her for the rest of her life with that.


by the way...edwina is really starting to like me..she is soooo cute...the chickens go to bed before her...she is a bit of a night-duck and every evening she RUNS right over to me happily wagging her little tail feathers as fast as she can, she is just so excited that someone else is still awake. she is an adorable duck.

(no-name duck is still hissing at me...she might like me better when she gets a real name)


dorky-duck...(cuz porky pig is cute), holy duck (cuz now she's a saint) doomsday duck (cuz some idiot shot her) lucky duck (cuz she survived and brenda made me say it)
mucky-duck or muck-a-duck (cuz she is tattered and dirty)
or drucilla duck, danita duck, disney duck, debra duck, darby duck, denise the duck...or fucaduc...ok, sorry....i'm done....oh wait!...maybe endeara duck...that is a good match name with edwina!


Or, because of the aforementioned confusion, maybe she could be Muddleduck???????


I like the "D" names Daphne Duck or Doris Duck or maybe just D.D. (Dee Dee)