Rescue Journal

worry night.

Carol  ·  May 13, 2008

phoebe and clyde are currently chewing on each other in the kitchen...phoebe is settling down finally. clyde is not. it did not help when last night as i was doing the bedtime meds, clyde zipped in and stole jewels meatball that was in mid air to her mouth.

this was disasterous. jewel gets high doses of elavil and robaxcen...both sedatives and she is much heavier than clyde...which meant, while i knew the dose wouldn't hurt him...added to his high doses of phenobarb was too high a risk. so i cut his phenobarb dose by half which sucked cuz it is barely holding off the seizures as it is. he is back on his usual dose of phenobarb today but it will take at least a full week to make up for that lost half a dose in his blood levels. and he is already a problem, he is getting weird again. renee had problems with him last week when she came in and tammy had problems with him today.

it makes me wonder how long we can safely maintain him and that is a big worry for me right now. i can easily accept the risks of being bitten but i worry about the staff and volunteers. please clyde, don't get out of control, try to put a lid on your simmering little brain, i don't want you to cross over into dangerous, i couldn't bare it if you did.

endeara finally ate some russian rye bread so i am feeling not quite so stressed about her right now. if we can keep the fluids and food going in, we can afford to take some time to figure her out.

i am also quite worried about dixie chick, she is getting thinner and thinner each day. i hate working with truly feral cats, they are so uncooperative with every single thing you try to help them. anyway, i think i will have to trap her, sedate her and get her to the vet and keep my fingers crossed that whatever is up with her can be fixed by sticking some freaking pill in her food (and that she will eat that freaking pill too) ...she has actually gotten increasingly more freaky since her friend and safety net, ogidie, passed away last year. he was such a great, great cat and somehow he stabilized her.

iky is tormenting the chi's tonight, sigh...i guess i better kick her out into the kitchen and give them some peace.


Eva Stock

I worry about Clyde too , I really like him and I find him to be so sweet at times and loving human touch. I wish things could settle for him. Good luck with him Carol.Yesterday for a little while I rubbed his face and talked to him and he really was receptive but it changes so quickly it seems. Eva


You know Carol when it does come to be time for Clyde you have given him the best months of his life. It makes me sad to think that it could end badly and perhaps someone could get hurt. I don't want any injuries or anyone to think negatively about poor Clyde, he is a product of his previous environment. His time at Saints I think erases his horrible beginning and Carol you have given him the gift of trust, security, humor, and mostly love. Not many could see his redeeming qualities and he had run out of opitions when Saints opened their doors. Whatever happens next for Clyde he has truly come home and this is where his journey will end....with absolutly no regrets. Carol Clyde and I both say Thank you for being brave enough to love him.