Rescue Journal

sparky was rushed into the vets this morning

Carol  ·  May 14, 2008

she was fine and then around 10 am she started to seizure. renee stayed with her and trina came in from the barn and took her straight to the vet. i stopped in to see her at lunch, she is heavily sedated and on IV's but it looks like she is still trying to seizure under it all. i haven't talked to the vet was chaos for them, cuddles had a hard time waking up from his surgery and once he woke up he started going nutz on his mouth despite a good load of pain meds. there were still two drop in's in the waiting room...a broken leg and a senior dog needing euth. so i told them to have colleen call me when she had a chance and in any case i still have to pick up cuddles late this afternoon and can talk to her then. sparkles was getting the emergency care that she needed, and i can wait to hear whatever it is that colleen needs to tell me.

my gut tho says this is not good.



Poor Cuddles! He's such a super guy... I hope he feels better soon. And Sparkles too.

You take such good care of your animals Carol. Way to go.


it is probably a large stroke, but it could be vestibular ...she is staying at the vets and remains sedated, they sent off some bloodwork and we will see how she is tomorrow.

cuddles is home, minus 15 teeth...he will stay on abx, pain meds and soft food for the next couple of weeks.