Rescue Journal

Sparky is a bit better

Carol  ·  May 15, 2008

The vet said today that she thinks she will probably survive. She will remain in the clinic on IV's and with close monitering for another day or two and then we will see.

Eva and I gave Endeara a bath tonight. I filled one of the wheelbarrows with water and let her paddle around out in the sun. Once that water was soiled, but she was clean, we switched to the other water filled wheelbarrow for a final rinse. She so enjoyed her bath, I think she felt like a real duck again. Tomorrow she goes to see our vet and I am quite nervous about what he will recommend. Unless we can do surgery to repair her damaged leg, I fear for her quality of life. We cannot let her spend her life laying in a wet and soiled nest of hay for most of each day because she is unable to rise. And a few minutes of being a duck in a water filled wheelbarrow is just not enough.

Tomorrow is the day I spend to get this place ready for a very hot summer. Jed will be trialed with the big dogs in hopes of giving everyone equal access to the air conditioned room. If I am unsuccessful in this, I guess I am going out to buy one more air conditioner. is only 2 more days til the Silent Auction Fundraiser that Nicole and Zoe have been killing themselves over. It is going to be GREAT and EPIC, I know this because I know those two.

I hope everyone properly appreciates the capital letters that I used in this post, I was writing something for Nicole for the fundraiser's program and forgot I did not have to capitialize on here. Too late now.



Just so everybody is prepared, the fundraiser is going to transcend EPIC.


Although this weekend is going to be hot, I've heard that the overal prediction for the rest of the spring & summer is that they'll be cooler than normal (because of La Nina) so that may help with managing your population.....

Eva Stock

Juat remembered; Reminder; people coming at 11 am. The apples in the mp room for the barn guys and shavings money. see you later Eva

Eva Stock

So happy about Spasrkey and relieved. Really hope the outcome is good for our beautiful hissy duck Endeara. What a great time she had. Eva