Rescue Journal

and it is almost time to go.

Carol  ·  May 17, 2008

i have about half an hour before i have to get dressed and leave for the fundraiser...i want to get there a little bit early to at least help with set or something work related for tonight.

it was a wonderful day here today...i buggered off at 0830 to pick a few things that saints needed and then i went shopping for something to wear cuz i wasn't going to have time this afternoon. i got back here by 1030 and the place was abuzz with everyone working while i was out goofing off!

i came home with a swimming pool for endeara and edwina to share. there was a whole little fan club out there watching a crippled little duck swimming around in a childs wading pool and enjoying every minute of it. i only left her for an hour cuz i could see that she getting tired. we put her to bed and she tucked her head under her wing and settled for a duck nap.

we got the tarps hung up so that was good and it took three of us to get jed on his feet cuz we were done out at the barn but he happened to like it out there.

rae and hubby stopped by with the cutest little puppy, they were transporting for another rescue group so i couldn't steal her away.

there is a very sad dog that i heard of today. he is a 7 month old aussie cross. his family left the pups from birth in a 20x20 pen and the pups grew up terrified and unsocialized. when my friend got there, the 2 females were being taken by 2 separate and totally unprepared homes. when they saw how bad the pups were, they tried to get all three but just managed to get the last one. she works at one of the shelters and took him there in hopes of finding him an appropriate home but he is catatonic with terror and soiling himself so his adoptability looks pretty poor. i gave her some suggestions on who might be able to help him but bottom line is, he can not stay at the shelter, he is too traumatized and messed up to survive. if she hits a brick wall, she will call me back so he doesn't get euthanized and i will have to think long and hard if we can handle another squirt and andy right now.

poor thing, stupid hard is it to go and play with a bunch of cute puppies a few times a day?

apparently i have to speak for a couple of minutes tonight, nicole neglected to tell me this until noon. i have no idea what i will say so it will be a surprise to everyone including me. (i write much better than i speak by the way, even without capital letters!)

wish us luck tonight and i will be thinking of all of the folks who support us but were too far away to come tonight and i want to thank everyone before the event even begins, for helping us to help parapalegic ducks, seizuring clydes, crazy phoebes, arthritic jeanettes, homeless americats, demon-goat ediths, and fat little elderly petunias...either past or future or at the fundraiser tonight. thank you everyone!!!!


Eva Stock

Thanks everyone for a great fundraiser and what a nice time and all the animals were with me I'll tell you. It was so enjoyable to sit with Carol's family (children ) and friends. Nicole and Zoe "you're the bomb" Thank you so much. Deb and Chris I loved the t'shirt too. The Tally award was too cool. Eva


lol lisa, it is a non-capitalizing revolution!
thx stan, you are off the hook cuz i was thinking of calling you about him tomorrow, sheila and leila have agreed to take the pup and help him and that leaves room here for a blind senior that one of the shelters asked me about tonight...even at very fun fundraisers we are all always working.


Do you see what you've done, Carol? No one is using capitals or periods, now. Whatever will become of us?

My sister, a reluctant rescuer, turned me on to your blog and I don't miss a day.

Great work, everyone. Hope the fund raiser was successful and that I'll be employed again in the not too distant future (but, we're NOT in a recession...) so that I may contribute a bit, too.


Hey carol he can come here if he needs to I hate to see them suffer and die, and I got a soft spot for the shy ones no wants I hope to be there this weekend.


carol it is going to be great tonight the people who will be there are the people who love the animals. i want to say a big thankyou to nicole and zoe they are great what an awsome place saints is being there this morning helping out petting all the animals i cannot think of a nicer place on earth for these forgotten or neglected animals they are really loved and are so spoiled. i can not think of the time when i did not go to saints i am so glad that i found it. lynne