Rescue Journal

Silent auction

 ·  May 17, 2008

Just a reminder about the fundraiser (which is sold out!!!)
The evening starts at 630pm and is being held at the Bonsor Community Centre at 6550 Bonsor Avenue in Burnaby - beside Metrotown mall.
There are 2 parking lots and there will be signs showing where to go for the fundraiser.



this is it!!!!! yay nicole and zoe and everyone else who is helping tonight...thank you, thank you, thank you from everyone here from parapalegic ducks to red whirling wonders to dogs with no legs who feel good again, and from sparky's who still feel like crap but hopefully not for much longer...from giant, blind, slobbering, innocent oafs, to skulking wanna-be-wolves, to pretty pink princesses and one-eyed cancerous hooks...thank you for helping these guys.

their bodies are staying home tonight (and hopefully not making too much of a mess,) but their spirits walk with us and they will feel great that this whole night is all about caring for them.