Rescue Journal

endeara has died

Carol  ·  May 18, 2008

i thought she looked tired today so we cut her swim short. eva checked on her at 5 pm and said she looked tired and sleepy. when we checked her at 8 pm, she was gone.

i am sorry endeara that your life and wellbeing were of so little value to some fool with a pellet gun, but you were important to us and i hope you are now flying free.

rest in peace little duck who wasn't a goose.



that is the picture i will remember of her swimming in the wheelbarrow. she looked happy and she did have some nice happy last days with people who loved her. lynne


We didn't even have the priviledge of having known endeara, but I'm in tears! My husband and I have a soft spot for ducks! There is no doubt you at Saints have all made such a difference to surround her with love and comfort in her last few days. Thank you.

Eva Stock

I feel we did make her life fun in her last days. I will never forget her in the wheelbarrows Carol. No more pain or frustration little one. Eva


I'm so sorry. Rest in Peace little one . What a wonderful way to spend her last days swimming in a pool, that was a gift.