Rescue Journal

so i think everyone who reads the blog and was at the fundraiser should tell their favorite fundraiser story....

Carol  ·  May 18, 2008

mine is at the end of the night when i once again had to climb those dreaded freaking stairs to accept my special gift, donated by chris and was a T-shirt that said..."i am a plant" all in lower case letters....i love that shirt.



Ooops......bad with computers. Actually, just stuff in general..........


Me and Melissa has soo much fun! We even won a piar of teddy bears. 50/50 was CRAZY! Thanks so much for the Tally Ho Braveheart Award. It meant alot to us. WE'LL MISS YOU TALLY!


Great night and great job to all the SAINTS folks.

There were a few highlights for us, it was very nice of Carol to mention Anita and I in her speech and especially nice to have pictures of Albert and Taffy in the slideshow. You may have heard us yelling out their names when the pictures were on the screen (proud parents)

Another highlight was meeting Ray, (sp) she was the person who convinced Albert's previous owner (jerk) not to euthanize him and instead sign him over to the SPCA in Salmon Arm. They brought him to SAINTS and SAINTS brought him (and Taffy) to us. I will be forever grateful to Ray and of course Carol.

Of course another highlight was winning that kickass patio set!!!! We ended up with 3 items and we were more than happy to write the cheque for close to $700.00 - WELL WORTH IT!!!!

Thanks again to Carol, to SAINTS and all the people who made it happen. We'll be there next year.


hah! you guys got you very best gift...he is gorgeous and he really needed you...i want lots of updates on the blog about quinn (great name)!


Congratulations Sheila and Leila, he is a cutie!!! He must think he's landed in heaven


This is what we got out of the fundraiser.


My favourite was definitley the improv 'day in the life of Carol' skit...when she kept switching people who were telling Clyde how good he was! lol
It was a wonderful evening and I am enroute to SAINTS in a few minutes to share stories and see everyone!


So that's who got the red purse!!! :) Nicole's mom was bidding on it for me...but I got a really cool hoodie and a Furminator. Thanks to Nicole, Zoe, Carol, and SAINTS for a wonderful day! I enjoyed helping out.


I think the Improv team mimicking a "normal" day for Carol was my favorite. From Andrew acting like Clyde (sort of) to the "I love you, Carol",from the young woman playing Nicole to the "No, I love you more" from the young man playing Angelina, and the whole dry chair and mopping up "certain substances" morning and night, the scene had my table laughing so hard we all had sore faces and stomachs. :)

The other great moment was when Chris finally got her hands on the red purse that she just had to have. Between the pregnant lady and Nicole's mother, keeping Chris' bid on top was a lot of work!

The entire night was a great event, well run, and a smashing success. Nicole, Zoe and all their behind the scenes support staff did a great job. The auction items were awesome, it was just a terrific night.


Let's see the company, the stories, the items to bid on, the entertainment, the food, it was all amazing. Congratulations Nicole and Zoe for a wonderful evening you did a great job. The evening was incredible and I'm so glad I was able to make it but my absolute favorite is my visit out at Saints with the animals and the people. I read about them every day but it was great to be able to slobbered on by Jed,have a walk around the pond with Maureen and the gang,met Endeara the duck, hang out in the multi-purpose room with Jessie, give Jewel a back rub and finally sit on the red couch and snuggle with Pugsley. I'm back home now safe and sound with my own gang but I had a wonderful visit at Saints Thank you Carol and every one I sure wish I lived closer


What was the Tally award? I am sorry I missed this one as last year it was so awesome. I didn't want to buy tickets then not show up so my mother and I will send money instead. I hope I will be well enough soon to come out. The blog is a life saver as at least I can stay connected to the animals this way. Give them all a big hug for me (Copper too!).