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the finger

Carol  ·  May 19, 2008

usually the finger is given either in a physical sense or in a not so nice spiritual sense.... mostly because, we think someone else is stupid. and when we wave that proverbial or real finger around so everyone can't miss it, quite honestly, the finger waver always ends up looking like a jerk.

now, i admit...i use my index finger alot and i point it straight and true, just like a deadly weapon. it is amazing how respectful the dogs are of my finger, it is a gieger counter for danger. when my finger comes out, the dogs look the other is a like a curse.

i used it on spritely tonight too, right after she aimed a boot at ellie's side. spritely was pissed cuz bedtime was late but she got unpissed and polite when my finger was close to ending up her nose.

i almost used my middle finger when i was out for a walk this evening with jesse...this idiot went speeding up our road at very high speed and that made me mad cuz i drive slow. anyway i decided it wasn't worth it, he would eventually kill himself or somebody else and learn his lesson the hard way. i was feeling pretty pleased with my self restraint and grown up behavior and then i got paid back.

a very nice car passed us along the road and pulled over and this very nice gentleman got out of the car. he asked if he could say hello to jesse cuz she was so beautiful and of course both jesse and i said yes. he introduced himself as another one of my neighbors and i apologized for the freaking noisy dogs. and he said not to apologize cuz i was an angel, which we all know i am not, but it is handy for others to think that if they live on my road.

so fingers have alot of power...they can make you look stupid or they can stop a dog or a horse in their tracks...but the most power they have is when we hold them in check so someone important doesn't see us looking like a stupid twit.

other news....

sparky ate a little bit of watered down cowboy something or other, so today i bought her a whole case.

jeanette sure looks old and arthritic tonight, i got scared watching her walk over to the hay.

everyone else seems like they are ok, except clyde is snarling again when he is asleep on my lap.


Eva Stock

That is it, you are a prayer plant! You answer Sainys prayers. As for the angel (not so much) Smile Eva


Glad to hear Sparky is having some success with her eating, fingers crossed that she keeps progressing